Sylvania Substitute Teacher Accused Of Forgery

I guess that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. In addition to Doug and Pam Haynam who spearheaded the attempted land grab by the Sylvania city government last year, we now have Benjamin 'Bugsy' Haynam, who ended college a few credit hours short but didn't see that as a major obstacle to getting a job in Sylvania schools. Of course, Ma Haynam is on the school board – at least for now.

From the article: The 2003 Southview High graduate is the son of Pam Haynam, a longtime Sylvania school board member, and Doug Haynam, a Sylvania councilman and former interim chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party.

The Haynams are pleading ignorance and furthermore claim they had nothing to do with their precious perfect son being hired at McCord Jr. High. At the same time, Superintendent Rieger says that there might have been a 'breakdown' in the standard operating procedure which allowed Bugsy Haynam to slip in under the door. No kidding, Mr. Rieger?

From the article: Sylvania Superintendent Bradley Rieger said that a "breakdown in the district's hiring protocol" led to Mr. Haynam's hiring last fall as a substitute teacher.

Also: They [the Haynams] also said they were not involved in the district's decision last September to hire their son.

This kind of denial is crap. Their positions in local government are reason enough to push Bugsy to the top of the 'must hire' list. Then, when it turns out that Bugs is arrested and with any luck will go to prison for forgery, the two go right into ignorance and denial mode.

Sylvania residents should get the entire family out of government, right along with Superintendent Bradley Rieger. ">Sylvania substitute teacher accused of forgery

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He'll get a slap on the wrist. I'd be curious to know what was missing.

This is hilarious:
"Ben made a little mistake, which he managed to then turn into a big problem," Mr. Kerger said. "He really is a fine young man. He just did a dumb thing."

What part of what this dumb sh*t did does this guy consider a "little mistake"??? If I didnt have enough courses finished to graduate and just pretended I did and scammed my folks??? Hell, I paid my own way thru college and they'd still shoot me!!!

From Billy: I paid my own way thru college and they'd still shoot me!!!

I think that kind of sums up the reason Bugsy did this and thinks it's okay. Consider, you paid your own way through college, which is no mean feat. I'm willing to bet Bugsy got significant financial assistance from his folks. Moreover, if you committed a felony your parents would castigate you for your behavior (I doubt your mom would let your dad shoot you).

Maybe the Haynams should consider moving up to Ottawa Hills.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Perpetrating a fraud and "fine young man" usually aren't spoken in the same sentence.
Dumb is an understatement. This should cost him what work he did put toward that degree...I can't see Kent State proudly awarding this now!

My analysis: He didn't think it would go this far, and when it did, he took the seemingly easy and deceitful way out, despite the sheer stupidity and impossibility of pulling this off longterm.

From the story...

'A district secretary in charge of substitute teachers took Mr. Haynam on his word'...'

'A secretary in charge of hiring full-time teachers'...

'Secretaries' are in charge of hiring teachers, subs and full-time?

Am I reading this right?


It's a BLADE article McC!! you cant go by what it says, you need to read it and then decipher for yourself what a real reporter who could intelligently communicate the facts would say.

SPS is a good school system. Im sure the sec'y is only in charge of processing in new teachers.

In fact, I can also believe that no one is to blame here - including the parents - except the kid. And by 'kid' I mean the son of the board member and councilman. Ben is an adult and accountable to the law as such.

It would be totally easy if you didnt have enough credit hours to graduate to just sign the forms for a cap and gown and go thru the process with your class and scam mom and dad, and cash all the checks you get for your graduation party... The parents are certainly naiive tho. When your son graduates you dont want to proudly hold and look at his diploma? Even if it comes in the mail after the college ensures all your fees are paid like they do at BGSU? Same for the teaching license - you need to apply for that, and in education families that's a big deal too - they never wanted to see that? I do find that hard to believe.

As far as getting the job - My own alma mater does tend to give the nod to alumnus quite often, whether their folks were on the board or not. You might call mom to task when she says she had nothing to do with his hiring. That might not be 100% true per se, but I could see it easily being 95% true.

They might not have contacted mom and dad about the job and filling the position with the son, but the board does have to approve the recommendations to hire the teachers, (when you are offered a teaching job, the document always says "pending board approval" ) so mom DID have at least a small role in it - but that being said, Im sure junior could've put in his own resume, and the hiring official could read for himself where the kid grad'd HS from, and figure out who he was.

Yes, the Superintendant is correct, they do seem to have -for at least this kid - a slipshod system to vet their employees. Most businesses who require documentation dont let you begin work until you provide it. I'd almost betcha that'll be the case from now on at the school.

All in all, the blame should lay squarely on the shoulders of this young ADULT who made the decision on his own to commit felonies. He should be prosecuted for his crimes. As far as his folks go, not so much, and as far as the superintendant, I'd be willing to call what went on on his watch a mistake and like I said before, I'd be willing to bet that there's already a process in place to ensure that doesnt happen again.

"All in all, the blame should lay squarely on the shoulders of this young ADULT who made the decision on his own to commit felonies."

No, the blame ALSO falls upon the school system administration who are liable to perform due diligence when hiring. They let it slide, and you know exactly why -- the applicant had the right last name.

I don't know for sure, but I'd just bet they MUST perform a criminal background check, to at least avoid hiring a sexual predator. Considering the school system has OTHER requirements, they also MUST confirm a check on certifications and education. That they OBVIOUSLY didn't, utterly condemns them.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe municipal educational institutions can hire a teacher without any legal requirements whatsoever.

Why do I do this?

I know that this will just rile up a certain member of SwampBubbles.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Tsk, tsk... but I did chuckle.

This guy should get the same punishment Ted Kennedy got for killing Mary Jo Kopechne, let's put him in the Senate as a representative from Massachusetts.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

from your spot in deepest depths of the left-field corner.

What's the thought-process behind that comment, Fred? Sounds like something your moronic boss might contribute.

I do believe it's the dumbest thing you've ever posted on here.

Lemee guess, the bad pub about the Republican Haynams combined with the Noes' 'tragic' divorce news has thrown your Saturday way off-kilter?

the events in this incident will unfold, McCaskey.

The kid will plea out to a reduced charge, spend some cash on fines, go finish his schooling then come back to be superintendant.

My God, his last name is HAYMAN!

you can't see that coming?

but i was ribbing Fredo for his Ted Kennedy comparison.

Appears Fred has been spending much of his time on right-wing websites dealing with 40th anniversary of Chappaquidick (lol, I'm probably nowhere close on the spelling there) and has that fresh on his mind.

I know that's the first thing i think of when I think of the Hayman story, lol.

oh bearer of fine sarcasm!

even snookered me. well done! lol

Can we appoint him to the TPS school board?

It would make as much sense as some of the other appointees.


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