Two local post offices to close- Point Place and Midtown

The Post Office deficit is 5 or 6 billion $ , they don't take money from the govt anymore , unless they get bailout happy again .

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My mail carrier told me a few months ago about the possibility of the Wernert and Sylvania Ave. branches merging into a larger central facility, which makes a lot more sense than closing either of these two branches.

Interesting that the USPS communications liason tells 13 NBC that an important factor in the decision will be impact on EMPLOYEES. Further, the nearest Post Office to Point Place, which incidentally is where my elderly mother lives, is the Main branch miles away.
What kind of topsy turvy thinking is this?

If the branch closes, UPS or Fed Ex should open a shipping station out there.

When determining where to run a business, the LAST thing you think about about is the affect on the employees...but this is GOVERNMENT-run, courtesy of our tax dollars. It would be illogical to think about the taxpayer/consumer first.

They've run themselves $6 million in the hole. Why should I think they know anything about running a business?

Can't wait to see what they do with health care!

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