Vote NO August 4th.

Vote NO August 4th. Another Oregon Schools Property Tax Levy ! No More. We have had levy after levy. We support our kids. We support our schools. But, no more on my home! There has to be a better or different way. I cant afford it. Can you? Vote No on August 4th. !

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I saw enough of the changes in the Clay school complex to understand how much money is being wasted. Money is commonly wasted like that in Toledo since too many of the voters are welfare recipients anyway, and many of the remaining voters are fiscally ignorant. But Oregon seems to have people of higher incomes, so you'd THINK they'd be wiser about the use of money. The point is, 40 years from now, they are going to try to knock down that spanking-new Clay High School, claiming "it's old" and that it's "too expensive to maintain". What a waste ... you should have NEVER given them the money to knock schools down in the first place.

The problems facing the Oregon Public Schools are a direct result of the cuts in commercial taxes that were passed during the years when Republicans had exclusive control of all three branches of state government. Those affected, like the Oregon Public Schools, were supposed to have the lost tax revenues replaced from statewide sources. These were false promises.

So, Oregon's taxpayers, and those in other local communities, are put on the spot. Most want their school children to get a high quality education. But, there is a limit to the burden that these statewide tax cutters have forced upon local property tax payers, with no positive economic results for our state.

The lower taxes were supposed to retain and attract businesses and jobs to Ohio. How has that worked out?

"are a direct result of the cuts in commercial taxes that were passed during the years when Republicans had exclusive control of all three branches of state government."

Well then every school district would have a levy on the books by using this logic.


Oregon had been in a better condition financially than most districts in Ohio, because they could collect such a high percentage of the local tax dollars needed to run the school district from the oil refineries. The cut in commercial taxes hit that area of revenue really hard. There were other districts hit hard in other parts of Ohio as well. I am most familiar with Oregon because of its location. Few were hit harder than was Oregon, maybe none hit harder.

You're missing the main point. Republicans at the state level ran the entire State of Ohio government for the better part of 16 years. Their mantra was, "cut taxes, retain existing jobs and attract new jobs". HOW HAS THAT WORKED??? If high taxes were the real problem with Ohio's economy, after all of these tax cuts, Ohio should be one of the states relatively unscathed during this Depression. Taxes were cut almost entirely at the state level. This was done even after multiple Ohio Supreme Court rulings that Ohio over-relied upon local property taxes to fund schools, to the point where the Ohio Supreme Court found the funding system to be unconstitutional. Republican leaders refused to address both the need to have real local property tax relief and the astounding discrepancies between rich districts and poor.

What is needed is an overhaul with targeted tax incentives to retain and attract new businesses. Straight tax cuts mostly go into the pockets of the business owners and do little to boost the state's economy, or build toward a Twenty-first Century system, instead of trying to patch up an out-of-date Twentieth Century system.

Meanwhile, we have an Oregon School District that has consistently been very highly rated by the State of Ohio being "rewarded" for the hard work put in by their professional personnel, by being strangled to death by actions over which local school leaders had and have no control. How fair is that??

Oregon isn't the only school district that experienced a loss of industrial jobs. It's happened across the board in the state.

"Republicans at the state level ran the entire State of Ohio government for the better part of 16 years."

R's haven't controlled the statewide offices in 4 years. 4 YEARS! That's more than enough time for Strickland and his crew to have done something.

Since we get to blame people for things today that haven't impacted for 4 years do I get to blame the Lions losses on Joey Harrington too?


"Targeted tax incentives" don't work. Toledo has used them all along, and industry is still fleeing in spite of them, and the city has a growing budget hole from them to boot. It's the very definition of "stupid" to keep using a method which doesn't work.

They are unfair in the first place, by the government preferring one business over another through the tax system.

Straight tax cuts that are truly fair (such as a tax cut on ALL income, not just corporate) are what work. They are easy to implement and don't increase accounting overhead. However, our elitist government will never adopt those, since they don't want money to get into the wrong hands (i.e. you and me).

And finally, tax cuts can't work if they are not associated with SPENDING cuts. That should stand as perfectly obvious. But Repuke tax cuts were only used as an excuse to increase government spending, using that stupid Laffer curve as some sort of truth.

I just received a notice that my property tax base has dropped. I'm not the only one getting these sorts of notices. These drops are only right -- 17% cuts on average, so far -- yet it means that Lucas Country must get leaner. You agree, right? And that means that SCHOOLS must get leaner. It only logically follows, right? (LOL)

(Unfortunately, the TPS BOE just appointed a BEGGAR (Ms Hill), who plainly said she'd be seeking more funding from the state and feds. What will it take to get these levels of government and administration to live within their means? What will it take to get organizations to put controls of spending? I say all this while waiting for the DPS to finally undergo actual bankruptcy, which is apparently what it really takes to put a stop to organizational bloat and waste and elitism in a DEMOCRAT-controlled environment.)

Ted Strickland was sworn into office in January of 2007. He has been governor for about 2 1/2 years, not 4!

During Strickland's first two years out of 2 1/2, Republicans controlled BOTH the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate. Republicans still have overwhelming control in the Ohio Senate. The only difference in the last two years to some extent, and in the last 6 months to a greater extent, is that the Republicans have had to compromise somewhat. The previous 16 years, it was all them.

Ohio's Republicans are stuck on one note: cut taxes, cut taxes, cut taxes. And for 16 years, that's what they did. I still say, how has this worked out for Ohio? On the Federal level, the Republicans had exclusive control for the first 6 of W,s 8 years in office. They played the same note and left a fiscal and economic mess! And GuestZero keeps playing the same tune! We just didn't cut enough!?

GuestZero keeps playing the same tune of asking why you keep harping about taxes and not government expenditures. Spending rose hugely under Republican national administration. Democrats are making up for lost time by spending even MORE hugely. This is entirely a bipartisan issue, since the federal government budget rose an average of 11% per year for 65 years. The economy can only grow around 2-3% yearly over the long term. MATHEMATICALLY, this is a system that must crash

All you morons who defend this system can talk about is INCOME. Somehow expenses never catch your attention. What you have is a mental illness that stretches from most individuals to the very largest national organizations. Income, income, income ... it's all you can talk about. But EXPENSES are what are making you POOR. Your debts have obliterated your incomes.

Why people like you pop out of college not knowing about BUDGET = INCOME - EXPENSES, I'll never know. Hey, wait, I do know ... having watched all manner of U.S. educational systems produce a large number of idiot savants. I'm surrounded by people who cannot see beyond their own wallets; those who know the price of everything yet do not know the value of anything. Our educational systems have fully abrogated their responsibility to teach critical thinking -- which makes sense, since critical people would have done away with our poorly-performing educational systems a long time ago.

That other year and a half must be the part of their administration where they solve the school funding problem then right?

Well I'm gonna sleep well at night knowing this is FINALLY a top priority.


Democrat Bill Clinton not only balanced the Federal budget in his 6th year in office, he had significant SURPLUSES in his last two years. We were on the road to PAYING OFF the national debt.

Then the neo-con cavalry rode in with their fearless leader, the first President to have an MBA, and put into law incentives for U.S. corporations to LEAVE this country and open manufacturing plants overseas. Then they started spending a huge amount of money on a war that never needed to be fought!

Now, we have a Democratic President who is trying to clean up the Depression he was handed, and the neo-cons rip him to shreds when HE has only been in office for 6 months!! Sorry, Rush! Obama has three and a half more years! And things will be so much better by then, that Obama will be re-elected! Will Chelsea be over 35 in 2016?

You're talking about National politics involving a clearly local issue.

Well I'm glad Clinton did so much to help the Oregon Schools. I'm sure Obama will do it. Hopefully he's not on the same timeline as Clinton because his last few months don't look good for year 6.

But if you recall we were discussing the state government who impacts the local school boards much more.

Please tell me when is Strickland going to help Oregon Schools? Do I have to wait for his year 6 too because my magic 8 ball here tells me ..... oh wait... "ask again later". Stupid 8 ball and it's all knowingness.


I've just made up my mind!
GuestZero for Mayor!

In talking with people like Dalepertcheck, I do come to understand why Czarty throws coffee cups. LOL!

Sadly, you are fairly typical in misunderstanding how the American system of Democracy works. The head of the executive branch of government is not a dictator. Presidents, governors, mayors, can propose. But the legislative branch makes the laws. This is the separation of powers and the checks and balances that are inherent in our system.

Ted Strickland came into office having to deal with the two-headed monster of a growing economic Depression, and further tax cuts that had been put into law BEFORE he was sworn in. The legislative branch had Republicans in the majority in both the Oho House and the Ohio Senate, who wanted the governor to fail for political reasons. After the election of 2008, Republicans still have a stranglehold on the Ohio Senate.

The action that should be taken is to contact the Ohio Senate President. Try to influence him to work cooperatively with the Democratic leadership in the Ohio House and with the governor to keep the original promise to Oregon and the other school districts severely impacted by the tax cuts to make up for the lost local revenue from state funds. I may be wrong, but I believe you'll find him to be more concerned with fully funding charter schools which are mostly abject failures by state measurments, than he is in further funding the Oregon schools, which are doing consistently well by these same measurements.

what type of Kool-aid do you like? Red or grape?


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