Suckered Again: We Paid For More Than $100K in JetAmerica Advertising

JetAmerica outlay chalked up as 'learning experience'

It's easy to claim you're learning when you're spending MY MONEY.

When are we going to STOP this FRAUD called "economic development"?!?! When will we "learn" ourselves to STOP paying the expenses of private enterprise?!?!

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We continually pour money into the airport, when realistically we should make it a freight facility, tie it together with the intermodel concept and really have a future in the distribution/transportation segment. But we keep hoping that these fly-by-night airlines will somehow make us want to fly out of Toledo rather than Detroit, where you can fly anywhere non-stop, and for a lot less money. Enough is enough, and $100,000 mistake in this economy is inexcuseable.

They should pull that money out of Stolarczyk's salary.

The Port Authority retards are not directly accountable to the people. They are accountable to the politicians. And the politicians are almost always fiscal liberals -- often, HUGE fiscal liberals -- so it becomes impossible to ever apply corrective or punitive action to these people.

Bother to support and vote for FISCAL CONSERVATIVES, and you'll put a stop to all this waste of your tax money. But most Toledoans are so scared of Republicans that they CONTINUE voting for the fiscally-liberal Democrats, hence the problem can't be fixed. It can't.

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