Study Will Help Support Ohio's Auto Industry

For many years, Ohio's manufacturing industry has helped contribute to
Ohio's economy and provided thousands of jobs. In 2007 the industry
employed more than14 percent of Ohio's population, with 13.8 percent of
those employed in the automotive sector. However, the economic recession
has significantly damaged our state's manufacturing industry,
particularly automotives.

Nearly half of all recession-related job losses in Ohio have been in
manufacturing. With the bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler,
many Ohioans who were once employed are now jobless and out region has
been especially stricken. Given the sharp decline of Ohio's automotive
industry, it is likely that the success of this vital industry will
continue to deteriorate if we sit idly by.

To counteract the decline of this industry in our state, members of the
Ohio House and Senate have passed a resolution to examine Ohio's
changing manufacturing environment. House Concurrent Resolution 24
passed unanimously from both chambers to create the Joint Select
Committee on the Impact of the Changing Automobile Industry in Ohio.
This bipartisan committee will be responsible for studying Ohio's
automobile industry and its interaction with manufacturers, dealers and

Specifically, the task force will examine issues like warranties,
franchise laws and consumer protection to ensure that Ohio remains an
industry-friendly climate for all levels of auto production. The
committee will then report conclusions and recommendations for
improvement to leaders of the Ohio Legislature. This measure is a
necessary step toward preventing further job loss and preserving one of
our state's most crucial industries.

I have been assigned as a member of this committee, and I look forward
to starting this important work. I fully understand the auto industry's
critical importance to Ohio's economy and our region, and it is
essential that we promptly begin studying our state laws and whether
they promote the auto industry's needs. I look forward to this summer's
examination of the industry as we work to preserve existing jobs while
seeking ways to create new ones.

Since the upsurge of Jeep manufacturing during World War II, the Toledo
area has had a strong link with automotive manufacturing. I hope to see
this industry continue to provide an essential component to the economy
of Lucas County, and as I serve as both a member of the task force and
as a state representative, I will do all I can to revitalize the
industry in our region.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at (614)
466-1731 or write to me at Representative Barbara Sears, 77 S. High
Street, 10th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215. You may also email me at

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Sh*t. You want a study? WE DON'T NEED MORE GAS GUZZLERS. Let's bring over the fuel-efficient cars of Europe without further qualification. And let's STOP subsidizing and tax-abating the domestic auto industry that refuses to build in fuel efficiency.

"I will do all I can to revitalize the
industry in our region."

And this is why Ohio/Toledo will cease to grow and unemployment will not go down in the near future.

I wonder what type of healthcare you'll want when you cannot afford your home/clothes/food.


Don't worry Mikey!

Once the federal government provides us all with access to the same level of health care , surely they will make certain that we all have access to the same clothing and food! If we all dress alike, we will all be happier anyway. No worries about impressing the others on the street with our top-dollar jeans and Jordans!

Then, it won't be too long before we will all get access to the exact same allowances of electricity, natural gas, cable-tv service with 24 hours of Obama speeches, and auto fuel.

They will pay for it the same way that they are paying for health care.

They may need some of us to work the government-owned farms to shear the sheep, pick the cotton (that we will weave into government issue tunics and smocks), plant and harvest the corn and soy (LOTS of soy), and to run the about high quality cheese! Ever see a block of government-issue cheese? Can you say poor-man's Velveeta? It will go great melted over a plate of Soylent Green nachos!

"Let's bring over the fuel-efficient cars of Europe," That the problem ZERO we don't build anything anymore. Our economy is based on paper, bringing over more unemployment will do nothing for America. When will we realize America was greatest after WWII when we built and exported to the rest of the world. Now we're a nation of scammers playing bubble economies by manipulating interest rates and government policy. If you take these jobs from the poor working man you'll have no one left to exploit and one hell of a bunch of angry people. So you'll pay one way or another. Be patriotic go out and buy a JEEP!

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.


"Be patriotic go out and buy a JEEP!"

Why? Am I not patriotic if I don't?


Buy American!

Forget Jeep. They are a foreign owned company.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I'll buy a Jeep when they finally produce one that gets over 40mpg. Until then, they won't get my money; and until then, you need to eat frustration.

For your information, here's a company with dealers all over Ohio that makes a sensible car that gets 70mpg:

You can see an example of one of these sensible cars (if it's still there) by looking in the driveway of a house right next to GFS on Navarre. That's where I learned about Wildfire Motors in the first place.

This is the first I've ever heard of this three-wheel car which is affordable and gets gas mileage like no other car we've ever known. Nice review in Car and, this begs the question, why haven't we been hearing all about this?

The company says it has a large they have cars to sell. Why aren't they advertising on the big networks and major newspapers and websites? Why aren't the news stations/papers profiling this car in their smarmy segments about saving money, or new life-altering technology?

Well, a good advertisement would be to obtain and drive the thing yourself. Keep in mind that auto purchase credit that the Congress is thinking of passing, or has passed already. It's either $3500 or $4500 credit towards a purchase, provided you're buying a fuel-efficient vehicle and you're also getting rid of a gas guzzler. I'm wondering if you can apply that credit toward such a car, which would be great, since it's around $7000.

To deal properly with your question about "why not", you have to realize who is in charge of this nation's media: Corporations. Corporations like to keep you paying for things, since that makes them ever richer. That's also why we have SH*T for home-based solar and wind power. They can't put a meter on the sun and wind, so the corporations have put a stop to the real industrial might which should have produced competitive solutions. What the lousy corporate giants HAVE done is produce such pricey solutions that they have effectively obtained their money up front for not metering you all along your future usage.

The Blade ran an article recently about solar-water-heating installations. The average installation was about $10000. I mean, SH*T, it's just using the sun to heat a working fluid! I can get a new A/C unit that uses the working-fluid principle quite well, for $100 ... yet I can't get a larger system for less than ONE HUNDRED TIMES that amount?

This is a JOKE, and these contractors are just CROOKS. They and their suppliers can do MUCH better than that. We electrified America, for f*ck's sake! We paved the land! We landed men on the moon! We cabled and pipelined the world! And somehow I'm supposed to believe that we can't make use of the sun to heat our f*cking water for less than TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS?!?!

Obviously, this topic makes me quite angry. :^) I'd like to pass on some of that anger, since we NEED to get people angry at our so-called Capitalists. They are no longer serving us, yet they continue to be treated like royalty by our government. ENOUGH!

Buying a Ford will do nothing for the Toledo economy and wish a Jeep four wheel drive vehicle to get over 40 mpg is a little unrealistic. I find many of this group suffering from media overload. When you listen or view these talking heads do you always believe everything they say? Do you not think it possible that these programs are manipulative at least and corrupted at most? Do you think every person who calls these programs to be of a independent view and not on the payroll of the program or some other lobbyists pocket? Next time you watch or listen to these programs keep-in-mind what I just written. I think if you have a more critical mind you will soon realize what has happened to our electronic media.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Well if I buy a Ford am I unpatriotic?

Or am I just being negative to use the words of Carleton?


NO ... I asked why the JEEP COMPANY doesn't build a car that gets over 40mpg, much like the small VW cars that were available in the early 1990s? Since such a car ALREADY EXISTED, it only stands to reason that Ford, or GM, or Chrysler can build one of their own. Their engineers can start work on re-creating the 1990 VW tomorrow, at the direction of the supposedly responsible executive class.

They won't, of course, since a fuel-efficient, necessarily small car is nowhere near as profitable as the gas guzzlers are. Supply and demand, MY *SS. I can hardly demand a car that the auto companies REFUSE TO BUILD FOR ME.

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