Ok, I am worried for James Damas’ health - Update

Ok, in going over the finance reports, I noticed something strange. The signature for James Damas (Lucas County Republican Party treasurer) has changed 4 times over the past year and *sort of* settling on a soft sharpie signature for Jan 2009.

July 2008

October 2008

December 2008

January 2008 1

January 2008 2

January 2008 3

Such dramatic change in signatures can either be a result of a serious shoulder/wrist injury or a stroke. I am concerned Mr Damas is not healthy enough to be Lucas County Republican Party treasurer.

We are reminded in the second part of the corruption and vestiges expose that:

The elections complaint, which the commission dismissed that April, accused Wack of forging the signature of a candidate and making false statements. During the proceedings, Wack's attorney argued that she had acted as an individual during the alleged activity and not on behalf of the party.

Of course Jon, who filed an elections commission complaint against Joanne Wack for forging signatures, would not do such a thing. The only thing left is Mr. Damas’ health.

Let's pray.

###Update 7/22/09###
So as sort of a side note, there is talk out there that on one occasion that members of the Lucas County Republican party filled out the paperwork and signed it in BOE office but no James Damas ever entered the building that day. Either James signed into government center under a different name or he never signed the document that day. Very interesting...

damas-july-08.png12.74 KB
damas-october-08.png12.24 KB
damas-december-08.png14.38 KB
damas-jan-09.jpg27.22 KB
damas-jan-09-2.jpg27.64 KB
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That's ridiculous. Those aren't the same signatures. Even when off and hurried, my sigs have the SAME points of similarity.

But I have to admit that while I have a standard sig I use most of the time, I have been known to changed the style on more than 1 occasion for security reasons. I can change my style on a whim with no points of similarity.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I'm sure the Sec of State will do something.... bwaahhahhhahhahah. I couldn't say it without laughing.




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