Where is the other $20,673 Jon?

In the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County Republican Party mini-series that ran on Sunday and Monday of this week had a very interesting proclamation by Jon Stainbrook. In the article “Old guard 'left us broke'; Look at books raising more questions” it said:

“Mr. Stainbrook said he has raised nearly $50,000 in cash and in-kind contributions since taking the party reins last year.”

The article raises some other questions which were not asked. A few months ago I looked over the finance reports and I scratched my head at the 50k amount. This is not what the Lucas County Republican Party has in their finance reports.

Let’s look at the numbers:
Pre-General (PDF) – originally filed 10/28/08 but will use amended amount 12/11/08 - (this report covers the time from when Jon took the helm to a month and a half before the general election of 2008):

Total monetary contributions: $2,310. This is quite interesting in and of itself, because Jon Stainbrook told Fred LeFebvre in June of 08 he raised about $2,200 (.mp3 35% of the way in). $2,000 was deposited in August according to this report, so this June $2,200 is no longer there and just missing-or did it really exist? If that was the 2k, which would be campaign finance report problem because it was recorded in August and not in June, did Jon only raise $110 in cash from June to October in a Presidential year? Really strange and sad.
This whole thing is again re-emphasized in the article:

Mr. Stainbrook recalled how he was angry but not surprised that former party officials, the so-called old guard, had emptied the accounts. He quickly deposited two new donors' checks totaling $2,250 to bring the party back into the black.

"They basically left us broke," Mr. Stainbrook said. "If we hadn't put money in, we would have been bouncing checks."

This deposit is missing from the finance reports.
Donation in kind $13,694. Pre-General equals $16,004.

Keep reading.
Post-General filed 12/11/08 – total monetary contributions - $7,345 + $267 (other). Donation-in-kind: $5,711. Post-General equals $13,323.

So as of 12/11/08 we have $29,327.
Let's check the other accounts:
Building fund as of 1/30/09 (PDF) – 0 contributions.
Candidate annual (PDF) 1/30/09 – 0 contributions.
Judicial fund (PDF) – 1/30/09 – 0 contributions.
Total fund raising: a meager $9,922 over the 6 months he was chair.
Total donation-in-kind: $19,405

Now there has been 7 months since January, so maybe Jon has raised the rest of the $20,673 since then but I highly doubt it because the party could hardly pay their rent just a few months ago. Will we find out why such a discrepancy? There is another report due 7/30/09.

In the article it says:

Mr. Stainbrook said the party is now in positive financial territory, with about $6,000 in the bank and $4,000 in in-kind contributions.

Assuming this is what they will report for July, that still leaves the party short of about $10,000.

But where does this leave us?

Either Jon lied, sloppy record keeping, or he pocketed the other $20,673. Neither of which is very becoming of a county party chair and one of which is illegal. He either lied or pocketed the money when he talked to Fred in June of 08 and said again in the Blade article. Where do you think the money is?

I as an elected central committee member want to know where is the other $20,673.

LCRP_General_Post_Gen_20081212111507.pdf993.32 KB
LCRP_Gen_Fund_Pre_Gen_Amend.pdf251.51 KB
LCRP_Judicial_Annual_20090130150438.PDF143.02 KB
LCRP_Candidate_Annual_20090130150603.PDF121.65 KB
LCRP_Building_Annual_20090130150103.PDF143.73 KB
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That could make up the difference when the next campaign spending report is released. In four months last summer and fall it accounted for over $13k of the donation total and dwarfed cash donations.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

in August/September/October timeframe and I know they are paying rent. The odd thing is there is no expenses or in-kind-contributions for rent in the post general report after beginning of November (and the don in kind was from the old location), but they were downtown and WSPD 2-3 months ago reported one of the reasons they were kicked out of the downtown location was because they would not pay the rent.

Can a member of the party view the books? Do campaign finance laws make political parties apart to FOIA?


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