Where is Marcy?

Where is Marcy Kaptur? When is the last time she has been in Northwest Ohio? She didn't greet the veterans on the Honor Flight in Washington. She did not show up at the Polish Festival like she normally does. We can only assume she is alive by the press releases
from her office. But has anyone actually seen her? I wonder where she is.

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Is she supposed to check in daily with you ?
She has been a very good Congresswoman in the fact that she is quite visible locally, she is seen frequently in her district, and when she finally takes a few days vacation - you SPAZ !!!


As long as you are taking attendance - Where is Betty Montgomery ?

Marcy is an elected public official.

Betty is not.

public official or not - neither of these women have a responsibility to report their every move to ANYONE.

Being a public official does NOT make someone a slave, contrary to the thoughts of some.

sorry billy - I was in a hurry and had to abbreviate with initials.

what is YOUR excuse for name calling ?
are you 12 years old ?

"what is YOUR excuse for name calling ?
are you 12 years old ?

I agree.



when i used the words "you SPAZ" , the word SPAZ was used as a verb, not an adjective.
There was no name calling.

Do you know the difference ?

dont get too full of yourself Libturd - Mikey might've misread your intention due to your misuse of the hyphen and capitalization.

And the use of SPAZ the way Mikey thought you used it was not an adjective anyway, it would have been a noun.

So try not to play so high and mighty if YOU dont know the difference yourself.

you are searching for, billy.

But what do I know ?
YOU appear to be the grammar police today.

And no sir, I stand by my assertion that it was interpreted to be used as an adjective. It modified into ultra high gear the unspoken concept of communication. The communication was the noun.

No high and mighty here, boss - just wanted to know if he knew the difference.

With today's standards for education you never can tell.
I am prepared for ANYTHING.

P.S. What exactly is a "Libturd" ?

Actually Billy understands exactly the confusion and as to why. Hyphens are never a good substitute when mixed with comma's. Not that I care just don't jump on people when they don't understand things the way you mean it. Spoken words and written words are often interpreted differently.

"No high and mighty here, boss - " and then you did name call.... unless (1) Billy is your boss (2) Billy is Bruce Springstein (3) Your grammar confuses me yet again.

Maybe this is where I got confused. "It modified into ultra high gear the unspoken concept of communication."

Most of us can't understand the concept of ULTRA HIGH GEAR communication. We are limited to just HIGH GEAR communication. Except for Billy. He's the boss.



So much for using people's full names and addressing them properly Liberturd, you hole.

Who cares where BM is? What office does she hold? she's probably under her free roof telling Benji K how to act.

I thought that was Sandy Isenberg?

Last time I saw her was during the stimulus debate. I really thought she should have been in DC instead of at Sofo's on Monroe Street..... I'm sure she's laying low, so she can claim that she didn't know of any opposition to Obamacare....


I Thank God Sweaty Betty no longer holds office of any kind. Kaptur, on the other hand , is in for life, and only needs to show up here once in each election year-and run one re-election commercial.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

It's awful dark in that illegitimate administration so she could be experiencing difficulty bringing it to light, all those expensive lawyers in her way and such.

you have been doing very well since you have been taking your medication regularly.

Do not try to ignite any of your flame wars here, please.

Thanking you in advance,
Paul Liberty

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