I have to come clean

Today is part 2 of the expose on corruption and vestiges of the Lucas County GOP. What started as a profile on the status on the Lucas County Republican Party one year in, ends up being allegations made at the Board of Elections and at previous volunteers for the party. One particular note came up which I need to come clean on.

Her [Bernadette Noe] personal Facebook account recently listed numerous Ohio "friends" among local and state Republicans, including Mr. Reichert, Wack, and Lynn Olman, a member of the Lucas County elections board.

Her friends list also included Alex Adams, campaign manager for Ohio Sen. Mark Wagoner; Jeff Simpson, president of the Lucas County Young Republicans, and Chris Myers, creator of the local blog SwampBubbles.com.


I will admit before it comes out in the Blade or any other newspaper that I am Facebook friends with Ben Konop. Ok, I know some of you will be disappointed in this and I am sorry.


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I find it rather sad you feel the need to 'apologize' to anyone for being a 'Facebook friend' with anyone, unless we're talking about someone in the seriel killer-child molester realm.

You're embarrassed because someone from a different political party is a Facebook buddy? Afraid 'The Stain' or daily paper was going to 'out' you on this?

Hoping you're posting this in jest; if not, well, talk about weird and strange.

McCaskey - this is funny, b/c the Blade thinks having someone as a facebook friend means one has an actual relationship with that person.

I actually joined Ben Konop's group for his mayoral campaign, but certainly don't support him. (google "ben konop tom morrissey")

This just shows 1. the ignorance of the Blade regarding "cool hip things" like Facebook and 2. the willingness of the rag to smear enemies of the Stain, no matter how pathetic the smear is.

If JRB told Dave Murray to tell JC Reindl to write that his own mother was some sort of a miscreant, this perennial rookie reporter would write that dispatch with gusto. Anyone notice how Troy or Messina, the alleged veteran political reporters aren't assigned to do these hack Stain pieces? Give it to the kid who'll write anything about anyone just like JRB/Murray tell him to and be dumb enough to leave his byline on it. The veterans would smell a rat and ask to have that byline removed, like on that recent TFP plagiarism disaster where the veteran reporter removed their byline because of agenda driven drivel.
You can catch Murray and Stainbrook at their weekly lunch at Ranya's (good food btw) on Adams St. and wonder who picks up the check, the financially beleaguered Blade or the equally financially troubled Lucas Co. GOP?

You summed up a byline protest better than I ever could.

There are some even here who would still disagree that it was done in protest or that it's shoddy journalism even after knowing what a byline protest is.


I was interviewed for this over a month ago. I talked to JC about the current status of the Republican Party and about my site http://jonstainbrooksucks.com . I was surprised none of that made it into the article. I only recently became friends with Bernadette, actually after the interview for the article. I have been friends with Ben Konop for about a year now. But it appears that the purpose of the articles changed from the status of the Lucas County GOP to just more allegations. I know the Blade talked to others which did not make it into the article.

But I am glad sites like this allow me to come clean before the investigative heat gets too intense. I was worried all day about people finding out about my other Facebook friends.

You can be friends with anyone you want to be! Ben is a very personable guy. I took graduate classes with Bernie Noe when she was Bernie Restivo, We weren't what I would call friends, but we were freindly classmates.

Mary Matalin and James Carville are married for heaven's sakes. Politically, they agree on almost nothing! Anyone who criticizes you for being personal friends with someone says more about them by their criticism than they do about you! In short, they're jerks!!

I have Ray Kest as a facebook friend.

what does that make me?

HI RAY!!! ^5

Hey Blockhead? Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, ever.

Amazing how the Blade only recognized Jon Stainbrook as the Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party in a sensational piece, yet omit his name when associating the chairman of the LCRP in a regular news story.

must be saving the stain to sell ad space, it seems...


Next you will tell us you have David Ben-Ariel as a facebook friend...


David is also my Facebook friend. Please go easy.

Will do.

One time back in 1994 when I worked at Kroger's I bagged Bernadette's groceries. Is the Bland coming to get me?


I only recently became friends with Bernadette

Did you? I'm sure you and Bernadette Noe have a lot in common.

Mad Jack
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