Candidates Forum slideshow at Kent Branch Library July 19, 2009

Those who attended: Darlene Fisher, Brenda Hill, Bob Vasquez, Steven Steel, Phil Copeland, Aji Green, Joe McNamara, Ian English, Adam Martinez, Kevin Milliken, Terry Shankland, and Stephen Ward. If a candidate would like to use a photo, you are free to do so, just credit and link back to . Thanks!
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in your listing of candidates at this July 18th event ???? He is even pictured in the slideshow with his trademark fedora !

My sources tell me that 
Terry Shankland
, candidate for city council,
was well received by the crowd and there was a thunderous round of applause after HIS speech.

Toledo voters appear  to have had enough of the same  ol' same ol'  and Mr. Shankland is certainly one of the boat-rockers that Toledo City Council needs.

********   VOTE TERRY SHANKLAND  !  ********     

I was at the event, and Terry Shankland made some comments that many people were offended by, as well as people thought his remarks had nothing to do with City Council.

Then after he spoke, he left. He didn't even have the courage to stay for the question/answer session so that people could ask him about his remarks.


Such a sweet name...

I think that maybe you are jumping the gun here with your conclusions...

Perhaps the comments made by Mr. Shankland were misunderstood by you and the offended people.

I think that if you give him a listen, Terry Shankland has solid ideas that will                  TURN TOLEDO AROUND                                                                                                                                                             

                           SHANKLAND gets RESULTS !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

                                                                VOTE TERRY SHANKLAND '09 !


your sources are but they were not at the same forum as I, because I did not hear a thunderous applause, as a matter of fact a couple of people were offended by some of his remarks. He also left early.

I was also told that YOU were there, but I did not want to kill the story by mentioning THAT fact.

I knew because there was a description of an old lady with long, gray dreadlocks that had a perpetual scowl on her face. Didn't take long to figure THAT one out.

Have you ever heard of a "crowd pleaser ?"
You are the ultimate "crowd DISpleaser ?"
Shoo .....

Tell the truth -

Were you there? Sounds like rebecca and Twyla were.

Also - you write SHANKLAND gets RESULTS !

I know you hate it when I use your words, but you wrote em.

Can you please list some results Terry has gotten?

I try not to not diss you.

I address you by your full name.

Please use my full name and address me as MR. Liberty and I will consider answering your questions.

After all, Chris has taught us to act like gentlemen.

Acting civilly is the least we can do.


You denigrate two people who WERE at the meeting when you werent, and you cannot answer a question about what results Shankland has ever gotten.


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