TFP: where's the editorial oversight?

This was sent to Michael Miller, editor of the Toledo Free Press for his irresponsible oversight of the story about Kevin Milliken's divorce records. This orginal post was removed from the facebook by Miller as well as from the comments posts on the orginal Free Press story. I guess you can comment, unless you call the editor's oversight into question. Feel free to forward with a SHAME ON MICHAEL MILLER tag!!

Michael, I am very disappointed with your editorial skills for your article describing how poor Kevin Milliken had his divorce papers leaked. As your former Managing Editor, how is it even possible that you published my maiden name without fact checking? So now, in addition to telling that our public divorce records have unredacted personal information, you go so far as to ALSO publish my maiden name (even though the name is misspelled). WOW. Not only poor editorial oversight (name and fact checking) but also very poor reporting, as the reporter MUST have gotten this information straight from Kevin Milliken's mouth. This was a ploy for Kevin to try to get his divorce proceedings sealed, which didn't work. And now I have been twice victimized....thanks!
-Myndi Milliken

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Yeh, you probably don't want all your dirty laundry up here Myndi. Think about your kids.

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