Protest at Kaptur's - 'We said no !' to Obama health plan

This is on Fox 36 website.This is at the Maritime plaza.

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They should be upset. The #1 problem in health care in the USA is that it's essentially run by insurance companies, which are an abysmal drain upon our national common wealth due to their frequent frauds and overall greed. Offering a "public option" to the insurers doesn't fix their fraud and greed whatsoever.

The real FIX is socialized medicine, but I'm very willing to pursue the non-socialized solution that addresses much of what's wrong, for those who are adamantly opposed to socialization. And, that non-socialized solution is to PROSECUTE BILLING FRAUD. That would beeyotch-slap the providers and insurers who today commit billing fraud as a common practice.

People react to the word "socialist' with nearly the same fury as they do the word 'communist'. There are many forms of socialism - and our country is practically the only country in the WORLD that does not have universal health care (and yet we spend twice as much on it for lesser quality care, ranking about 37 or 39 or something absurd). Nixon started the HMO's & insurance & drug company greed took over, and corrupted government with lobbyists paying off senators, congressmen, etc. People who are against universal health care are also fond of saying how horrible health care IS in those other countries. Not true so much any more - even Canada has time constraints where procedures must be done by (not long either).
What I find amusing about these anti-socialism folks, is that our police & fire dept's, schools, libraries - are a form of socialism. In other countries, everybody gets free health care & most get better quality health care than we get in the USA. (and the same drugs here cost a fraction of the cost). Here in the good old USA though, unless you're wealthy or poor enough for welare, you'll end up with huge bills IF you can afford the procedures & drugs, and you may DIE if you cannot. Shows how much we value a life here. Insurance companies employ people who's only job is to find ways to decline or dump the insured. They also employ people who's only job is to try to get the money BACK, if claims were paid in the first place. People have been dumped by their insurance co's for 'pre-existing conditions' like yeast or kidney infections (and they dig to find any little thing you may not have 'disclosed' so they can dump you or deny the claim). Many drugs & procedures aren't 'covered' because the insurance co's say they're not needed, or that they're 'experimental'. I think that should be up to the doctor to decide. Health care in our country is horrible & the insurance co's are corrupt.

I used to be afraid of the universal health care route - no real reason, except the blather I'd heard from the doomsday folks. The way I see it, it's worth a try at this point. It can't possibly be worse than what we currently have. Over the last 30 years, it's gotten worse & more corrupt . Nothing will change unless we make big changes. Of course, nothing much will ever change until we get the money out of government - and I don't see that ever happening.

Yes, it is worth a try, since the numbers are too compelling otherwise. We ALREADY cover the uninsured -- children, indigent, illegal aliens, and the working poor. We merely allow them to get so sick that they must resort to emergency care by necessity, and then we pay the most for their care, at the point of the greatest risk to their lives. And there are many government programs already that cover children in general.

And we're #1 in the world for per-capita costs for health care ... but that doesn't buy us the 1st-, 2nd- or 3rd-highest quality of care, by sane U.N. metrics. No, we're only about #36 in the world for that. So that means that about 35 other nations deliver BETTER care for LESS (often, much less) money. And most of those nations have socialized medicine.

And the majority of those who bankrupt for medical costs (as a citation) already had medical insurance at the time of the events that caused the expenses and eventual bankruptcy.

All these FACTS are clear: Our system sucks. It exposes millions to unnecessary risks, while loading up everyone with too many costs. And that's just so that a few thousand people can become even richer this year than last year, and then they will get another huge bump of wealth next year, etc. Our system is terrible; it's inhuman; and it must change ... because we just can't afford it. That's the bottom line: WE JUST CAN'T AFFORD IT ANYMORE. We can't afford to run a system that exists purely to make the same few thousand people ever richer each year.

Starling don't get us wrong we are not all against everyone having health coverage. Nor are we against a part of gov't running it. We are against Universal/National heath care.

I have no problem with Massachusetts' new program. I am in Ohio and it doesn't affect me. If that's what their voters want then so be it.

Personally I'd like to see Lucas County implement a program.

The reason I can tolerate these is anything gov't does infringes upon our freedom. I want us to have as much freedom as possible. Local gov'ts can be changed much easier than federal gov'ts (see Dave Schulz and the 9 is fine campaign or the Take Back Toledo campaign). So if the system is ineffective or infringes too much upon our freedom it's easier to change.

And if you don't think State and Local gov'ts don't affect insurance companies and their charges then please explain to me why I have to carry more coverage here in CA than I ever did in OH?


...then first I want it mandated that you cannot exceed 1200 calories per day. You will give me that right, I'm paying for your healthcare.

Then I want it a law that you cannot engage in contact sports of any kind. You will give me that right, I'm paying for your healthcare.

I want it mandatory that your children are outside exercising at least one hour per day. You will give me that right also, I am paying for your healthcare.

I demand all fast food chains be closed. Again, you will give me that right, I am paying for your healthcare.

Don't think it can happen? Ask any smoker if their rights are being infringed on by government mandate.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Great to hear all the support for a government run health care system. Wall Street has ruined for profit health care system to the point that no one can feel secure for fear of economic ruin by one catastrophic diagnosis. Profit margins (20%) are increasing to the detriment of the patient. Fraud is rampant so why not start over...scrap this train wreck build anew.

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Starling and I have already hashed this out on another post, but something she said struck a cord--

In other countries, "everybody gets free health care...."

She isn't the first to use this word FREE, when referring to universal coverage, and I don't think she meant it intentionally, BUT....

There's no such thing as FREE anything. We will all pay for this--even those who don't contribute financially to the UHC through taxes. In addition to higher taxes that will drive prices higher, I forsee sin taxes on things like fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes($5 a pack now...just wait!)

Some nimrod saying that, if Government Healthcare was good enough for North Korea, Cuba, France and the USSR, then it is good enough for America.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Have you ever noticed a similarity between the countries who have Gov't mandated health care and those who have gun control? I wonder why that would be.


Have you ever noticed a similarity between the countries who have Gov't mandated health care and those who have gun control? I wonder why that would be.


Don't you have a UAW job? Don't they have good healthcare?


And what makes that person a nimrod?

Biblically you'd need to be a great warrior and a founder of cities.

I challenge anyone that is a proponent of National/Universal Healthcare to take a drive up to Ann Arbor.

Go to the VA Hospital there.

Park your car and walk around. Talk to some of the patients. I have multiple times.

I was first shocked when I, an active military member, was denied the ability to use it's services. I had to travel to Great Lakes (on the other side of Chicago) for routine treatment.

Secondly I met a very nice man who even though he lived in Whitehall, MI had to stay at the VA for treatment. He had severe diabetes and was faced with amputation but even that surgury couldn't be done because "the funding isn't there" and no gov't program was there to supplement.

So please explain to me after you take that trip why National/Universal Healthcare is better than what we have now?


We don't have to go to Ann Arbor. We can find plenty of people here that have pre-existing conditions that can't get coverage and plenty more who can't afford it. Eventually, these people will just go to the ER, which costs us ALL more money in higher premiums.

I think every politician voting against this needs to have their own taxpayer-funded coverage stripped.

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