I beg to differ, Mr Finkbeiner.

In his letter to the editor, the current occupant of the 22nd floor of 1 Gub'ment Center among other things lists what he considers his "accomplishments"


And I would proudly remind each of you that my three mayoral terms included:

• The new Jeep plants

• Owens Corning world headquarters

• Dana Commercial Credit Corp., now home to ProMedica

• Significant additions to Toledo Hospital and St. Vincent Medical Center

• wThe Docks and a revitalized International Park

• wFifth Third Field

• Buckeye Basin Greenbelt Parkway

• A new State Correctional Facility, and 450 new jobs

• The Marina District

• A revitalized and once-empty Commodore Perry, Hillcrest Hotel, Toledo Trust building, Lasalle building, and One Lake Erie Center

• A new Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Bridge

• A rebuilt King Bridge

• Began restoration of Fiberglas Tower

• The return of COSI as Imagination Station

• The retention of HCR ManorCare

• The transition of Health Care REIT to the Dana complex

• The relocation of Fifth Third Bank to One SeaGate Center

• Expanded regionalism by extending water service to all of Lucas and Fulton counties

• Added four Joint Economic Development Zones

• Supported the merger of Toledo-Lucas County Health Departments

• A razed Southwyck mall and improved Reynolds Road

• A Railroad Intermodal in South Toledo

• A census gain of 17,600 citizens

• Paving of 40 street miles annually

• The nurturing of flowers throughout Toledo

• A reduction in crime of 18 percent from 2006 to early 2009

• Cost-cutting of $50 million from the city budget during the last two years

• All-America City Award in 1998, and All-America City finalist 2000 and 2009

• Top 10 City of the Future, 2007/2008, fDi Magazine, April, 2007

• Most Business Friendly City, 2007/2008, fDi Magazine, April, 2007

• Most Liveable City, 2008, Third Place, United Nations

• During my 11½ years as mayor, we created 19,403 jobs and retained 26,185 jobs, and $3.86 billion in new capital investment took place.

I do believe the man is taking credit for things he doesnt need to be taking credit for, and listing things as "accomplishments" that are or were detriments to toledo!!

The king bridge for cryin' out loud?? 10 years to repair it and 16 million over budget and he's patting himself on the shoulder??

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He forgot to add a few things:

Set-back race relations 50 years.

Phyically abused citizens

Convinced Bass Pro not locate here

Threatened Columbia Gas

Called the Fire Chief King Kong

Fired three very competent African Americans just because they were African Americans

First Mayor to be Boo'ed at a parade

Allegedly broke his spouse's arm on multiple occasions

Let Scout relieve himself all over the 22 nd floor

Hired an incompetent senor staff

Let the Pillsbury Company's Mascot run day to day operations.

left his dog in a hot car on numerous occasions (including while parking in a handicapped parking space)

devalued the hearing impaired

got himself recalled

refused to allow the United States Marine Corp to train in Toledo

wasted $10,000 of our money to install a shower

had total disregard for the First Amendment and then spent our money to unsuccessfully try to defend himself

and on and on and on

Let's put together a resume for him and try to get him a job, OUTSIDE OF TOLEDO, for when he leaves office. You know just to show him how much we appreciate all he's done for us.


I know you're joking, but really --

Could Carty ever work FOR anyone??? He'd get fired in a day.

Could Carty ever run his own business? It'd go bankrupt before it ever got off the ground (but damn would there be nice landscaping out front...)


Double posted again - Chris, is there anyway to just delete the whole thing?

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