Toledo City Council Candidate Challenged

The Lucas County Republican Party is challenging a Toledo City Council candidate. The Board of Elections will look over signatures, and residency information, turned in by Kevin Milliken. Milliken is running as an Independent for an at-large council seat. The Teamwork Toledo member says he turned in more than enough valid signatures and a copy of the lease to his home is with the BOE.

This is being reported online by NBC 24 News. You may view it here:
====Press Release====
Teamwork Toledo Member to Defend City Residency
WHO: Teamwork Toledo Member Kevin Milliken

WHAT: Board of Elections Hearing

WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 2009, 8:30 a.m.

WHERE: One Government Center

WHY: Independent Candidate for Toledo City Council
Teamwork Toledo member Kevin Milliken will defend the validity of his petition signatures and his Toledo residency at a public hearing before the Lucas County Board of Elections on Tuesday July 14, 2009, 8:30 a.m, at One Government Center. Milliken is running as an independent for an at-large seat on Toledo City Council.
Milliken recently completed a door-to-door campaign across Toledo to gather the signatures necessary to make the September municipal primary ballot. The board of elections requires 250 valid signatures of registered Toledo voters. Milliken collected the maximum of 500 such signatures allowed. Milliken turned in his petitions June 23rd.
Since then, Milliken has learned from board of elections staff he has enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. However, through surrogates, the Lucas County Republican Party chairman has challenged his residency, even though Milliken has submitted a copy of a home lease to the board of elections, verifying and validating his residency and eligibility to run for Toledo City Council.
“This is yet another display of the tired old politics of the past,” Milliken said. “This hearing is both unnecessary and a waste of time. There are forces at work which seek to derail, destroy, and disrupt citizen democracy. However, their fear of an independent candidate and a slate of the quality individuals that make up Teamwork Toledo only adds life, legs, and legitimacy to this effort to change the face of city council on behalf of its citizens and taxpayers—the real people in charge.”
Teamwork Toledo consists of five first-time candidates: 30 and 40-something professionals and small business owners, like-minded individuals who want to reclaim city government on behalf of its citizens. Teamwork Toledo is a group of fiscal conservatives with a social conscience and stands for three basic principles: no new taxes, back-to-basics government, and a business-friendly community. Teamwork Toledo seeks to restore a common-sense approach to city government.

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You gotta love these guys, Milliken has 4 acres out in Berkey, but he rents a home in Toledo, just so he can run for city council?

Has been and is in the process of getting a divorce since last year. His lucky Ex has the property in Berkey.


I don't get it, he rents in Toledo, so he's a resident of Toledo. Despite the details of his personal misfortunes, there are people that live in Toledo who also have homes in Florida, or Michigan, etc...are they any less a resident of Toledo.?
I am happy that there are so many candidates out there that want to effect a change for this sinking ship and we can start voting out the old blood (or anyone related to the old blood) and bring in the new.

I thought he was pulling a Jim Moody, renting in Toledo just to get residency, i didn't realize at the time he was going through a divorce.

I live in California but I could run for Maumee City Council. It doesn't make me less qualified.


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