I applied for the open TPS board seat

Here is my letter and resume is attached. I will not accept any money for the appointment to the position and will use it to demonstrate openness with technology, streaming any pubic meeting I attend live, posting any public document within 24 hrs of receiving it, and holding virtual office hours.

July 14, 2009

Toledo Board of Education
Thurgood Marshall Building
420 East Manhattan Boulevard
Toledo OH 43608

Dear Toledo School Board Members,

I am writing to request consideration for appointment to the vacant seat on the Toledo School Board. This position will only serve for the several months of Steven Steel’s remaining term. It will be important that the Toledo Public Schools allow the voters decide who will be the next replacement on the board in the November elections. In the meantime, you should consider a placeholder. I am offering myself as the placeholder for several reasons, my strong educational background and my desire to use the position to demonstrate elected official openness.

If you appoint me to the board, I plan on operating with the utmost transparency by streaming live any board meeting or committee meeting I attend. I plan to hold virtual office hours with the parents of the Toledo Public School parents, and I plan to post any public document I receive within 24 hrs of receiving it on the Web. I plan to use the position not only to be a great board member working on behalf of the customers of the Toledo Public Schools for the 4 months, but also use it to demonstrate how elected officials can use technology to reach out to their customers.

I will also not accept any money for any meetings over the remainder of the term and will not seek cost reimbursements.

My history with the Toledo Public Schools, my experience on the board of the Frederick Douglass Community Association and on the Michigan Reading Association board, and my strong background in technology and my dual degrees in education makes me a strong candidate for this position.

I would also want to remind you I was the third place finisher in the last Toledo Public School Board election and it would be appropriate to also take in consideration voter support. But I am more than just the third place finisher, I am more than qualified and understand the issues facing the district and can step in and hit the ground running.

I look forward to an interview and appointment.


Chris Myers
Toledo Free Press has some more background at:

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the real work and your resume is quite impressive. This has nothing to do with the board appointment but rumor has it that the University of Toledo is poised to give John Foley a Doctorate degree. With all of the problems that TPS has, I don't see how he could do the coursework to accomplish this while being the superintendent. Does anybody?

purnhrt, your selfless advocacy to the district's children also cannot be ignored. We try where we can.

Chris, you might scare them to make up any excuse to keep you far away since you would be raising the standards and that puts pressure on them. Will they be selfless and go for it? We'll see, eh?

If only Obama/Soetoro/Obama would be so honest, yet he fails to practice what he preaches about transparency in government.

Has anyone heard who else put their hat in the ring?

Haven’t Toledo voters told you multiple times that they don’t want you on the school board?

many times as we said we didn't want COSI. Yet there it is!

The same as we didn't want Ford elected as Mayor then who was appointed to the Board with a promise not to run for elected office. Yet there he sits.!

I say Go for it Chris, Good Luck. I don't think you chances are good because you are scaring them and threatening to expose their little secrets. But "Don't Stop Beliving".

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

is the criteria, then I should have it cinched up. Who was the last person they appointed? What was his record? What about the one before that? He got booted from office for not doing anything and then was appointed. I happen to know the answers, if you did too SensorG you probably would not have made the comment because it completely destroys your argument. For trivia sake: Do you happen to know what the TPS board appointment before the last two that was just convicted of?

KK, Chris -

I'm just introducing the pot and the kettle.

All things you just listed are things about the system are things that you b*tch about all the time. You won't find me defending any of them.

I just find it ironic that when getting an appointment after being rejected might work out for you, you think it's ok.

Also funny, the comparison to COSI.

Chris Myers “the COSI of candidates" - it has a nice ring to it.

What is 'KK'?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Sensor was referencing KrazyKat even though their posts were equal in the thread.


So you are here publicly rebuking the board for the last two appointments? If so this is news to all of us. I doubt any of us will find you criticizing Steel for not finishing his term and moving to council or appointing Ford of Vasquez. It is convienent for you to say this here on this thread because if you did not, your argument would be toast.

You could also say that unlike the other candidates (excluding Larry Sykes) that I had more people say they want me on the board. But I guess that does not stop someone from trying to make an issue out of it and only look at the negative side of it.

That is the rub. Have an opinion, you would say, why don't you run Chris? I run and put my actions where my mouth is and then people make fun of you for your not making it. So you can make fun of it, but unlike you, I put my actions where my words are and actually I was able to get the district to change.

The thing is that I could have won the board if I wanted to make a faustian deal and get in bed with the teacher's union. But no candidate who wants to get TPS out of average performance would do such a thing. I could not do it and implement the things I saw that was wrong. Also, if I wanted to just be a politician, I would not have sought out the hardest position for a Republican, TPS school board. I would have run for council person in Michael Collin's district, or moved to Sylvania and ran for State Rep. You can look at the results I had in that area and tally it up.

I only seek to assist the place where I can help out the most and have the most impact on which is TPS. Who is happy with 19% reading proficiency in 8th grade Sensor? No one should be. You know how much of a drag this is on the area. We have got to stop allowing TPS to be average/below average.

TPS can do the most to change the area, more than council, but yet it is ignored the most. We wonder why we are like we are.

I applied for the opening because I thought I can do some unique things during the next 4 months and offering my strong background to help out where I can, sort of like in the same spirit our founding fathers have done. If I wanted to be a politician I would have pursued a different route. Ultimately, I have lots of roads in front of me. I am satisfied with what ever road I get the opportunity to go down. The roads that I can't go down, I don't sit and stew, I move on. Regardless if I get it or not, I would be sacrificing my time to help out for the benefit of the community and that would be OK because I believe in service. If not, I will pursue my other interests.

In this town not getting elected is more a testament to your capability as the only way to get elected by the sheeple in Toledo is through nepotism, cronyism or name recognition...not a thing to do with capability or qualification.
Good Luck Mr. Myers

«Chris, Haven’t Toledo voters told you multiple times that they don’t want you on the school board?»

Sensor, you're going to have to fully explain THAT ONE, since the principle and practice of Instant Runoff Voting cancels your statement.

Remember, voting is a method of resolving vague majorities, and each vote is an affirmation that carries no negative information whatsoever.

Well, this is all rhetorical. You can't make any sensible claim about Toledoans NOT wanting something through a vote system. We merely have another open position, and we have recourse to a variety of applicants, some of whom have already had AFFIRMATION in the polls. One of those affirmed is CHRIS MYERS. These are the facts.

Chris, Haven’t Toledo voters told you multiple times that they don’t want you on the school board?

Sensor, you're going to have to fully explain THAT ONE, since the principle and practice of Instant Runoff Voting cancels your statement.

Chris has run for the school board before. The voters didn't want him on it.

In November 2007 Chris got a 13% and lost. Hell COSI lost that time with 49%.

Chris lost in 2005 with 12% of the vote.

that in 2007 that 87% and in 2005 88% of the voters voted against him to fill the position, it only states that they voted for someone else. Unlike the COSI levy where I could vote NO, I Don't want it, there wasn't any ballot which asked the question..."Do you approve or disapprove of Chris Myers sitting on the TPS Board?"

So as GZ so aptly put it "We merely have another open position, and we have recourse to a variety of applicants..." This was not an Up or Down vote so no voter told Chris they didn't want him.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Sensor, I had thought that I was perfectly clear in my previous posting. There is no such thing as a NO in voting. You merely select people to resolve uncertain majorities. You choose people over other people.

You cannot sanely say that Mr Myers is "unwanted" by the voters, since he was AFFIRMED by some of the voters, albeit a minority, and at this moment, he's not running against opponents in an election.

Note well that the Board members are facing a variety of candidates, but only a few have been AFFIRMED by voters. That should be considered along with everything else.

Of course, it won't be, and Sykes the political hack will be chosen.

Well maybe we can have Opal Covey fill in as mayor if CF get's recalled. Afterall she was AFFIRMED by voters.

Sensor, when you try reductio ad absurdum, please get your facts straight before leaping onto the absurd. If Czarty fell under a bus tomorrow, the President of the Council would assume his duties, not Opal Covey or (much more to the point) Keith Wilkowski.

In huge contrast, the TPS Board position is open without a defined successor.

if you have ever attended a TPS Board meeting and seen Sykes exhibit his juvenile behavior, you know what I mean. He is a wack job.
Sometimes he acts like a third grader in an adult body.

Mr. Myers is clearly the most qualified applicant, but like all other Toledo political appointments, I do not think that they are looking for the most
qualified - they want non-boat rockers.

Go along to get along seems to be the trait that they are looking for.

Look at Jack Ford's appointment for example.

You should have been there, then, when Sykes was interviewing before the Board. Are we being sold a "new" Skyes like we were sold a "new" Carty? There Sykes was, talking about "self assessment" and considering what he had done wrong in the past. Twila was so irked or tickled by that display that she wrote me a note, which due to the profanity filter I'll refrain from repeating. :^D

GZ, do you sometimes go by the initials SF in real life ?

No, not even sometimes. Why do you ask?

'There is no such thing as a NO in voting'

People have always shown up precisely to vote 'no' for a specific candidate and/or local or state issue.

Yes, on many occasions, they have a preferred candidate over whoever else is on the ballot.

But on probably almost-as-many occasions voters will simply vote against the person they do not want to see hold office.

If Toledoans voted today for mayor and the choices were Carty and a donkey, how many would vote donkey simply because the other alternative is Carty? They are, in effect, saying 'no' to the other choice on the ballot, and voting specifically in that fashion.

I somewhat agree but Sensor is arguing that 88% and 87% of the electorate was against his candidacy.

That's a large assumption. By using Carty as an example I don't even know he'd lose by that much. Chris is no where as near as polarizing as Carty.

The only way Sensor's assumption works is if the choice was A) Chris Myers B) No one

In that case No One would clearly be a "Not Chris Myers" vote. Without it people could just vote for who they want more instead of who they don't want which is highly plausible.


wasn't meant to be specifically-related to the Chris Myers situation.

And, I'll allow for the difference when voting for councils or boards, when, say, there are 7 or 8 candidates and the top 2-3-4 (whatever the number) vote-getters get elected to sit on that council/board.

But, even then, how do we know the mind-set of every voter when they make the choice? Some will simply choose the top candidates they prefer, think are most qualified, etc., and others will knowingly not vote for someone---and thus select someone else--simply because they don't want that person on the council/board.

Cut it any way you want, that's a 'no' vote against that individual.

(edit to add--)
Chris makes this statement in his 'cover letter':

'I would also want to remind you I was the third place finisher in the last Toledo Public School Board election and it would be appropriate to also take in consideration voter support'

Well, OK, let's take into consideration 'voter support.' Ford got 31 per cent of the vote, Sobecki 30.6, and, yes, Chris was third...with, as Sensor has pointed out, 13 per cent., all of two percentage points above fourth-place Catlin.

Perhaps a more accurate description of where Chris placed would be....distant third., but I guess that doesn't look quite as impressive on the letter of introduction.

McCaskey, it's a physical truth that you must AFFIRM a candidate, whether you claim you're saying "no" to another candidate or not. The key point here is that there is ZERO information in the vote that SensorG used to determine that the voters of Toledo were saying "NO" to Chris Myers. That was SensorG's pure fabrication.

People often cast a lesser-of-two-evils ballot, rather than voting to explicitly 'affirm' a candidate or what he stands for.

Happens all the time, has always happened, always will happen.

Putting the specific numbers aside, which I agree can be used or misused to fit any argument as one sees fit, that fact is that Chris Myers fared poorly, in relation to the other candidates in the field, in the aforementioned school board elections.

Take it as you will as it pertains to an open-seat appointment.

«[the] fact is that Chris Myers fared poorly, in relation to the other candidates in the field»

What? Chris was the next in line in the "Three For Change" election ... which means if there had been one more seat open, he would have filled it. And he also gathered thousands of votes in the next election he ran in.

Opal Covey "fares poorly" in elections, not Chris.

interested in Chris being appointed or anyone not interested in Chris being appointed to the TPS school board should be at the board meeting tomorrow at 5:30 and see how it works.

Previous Appointeds: Jack Ford, Bob Vasquez, Steve Thomas, Keith Wilkowski

I stand corrected Chris...you're in perfect company.

What's being lost is it is the absolute right of every citizen to run for any public office they so choose. The voters can vote for whoever they want or not vote for whomever they don't want as many times as they want.

And if you wanted to make fun of Chris, COSI doesn't fit. Calling him the Harold Stassen of Toledo would be better. LOL (Sorry Chris I had to take at least one shot at ya)


Harold has more hair than me :)

If the TPSBOE makes the decision to appoint a placeholder or not, I'm betting they finish the term with an empty seat if for no other reason than to minimize the conflict during meetings.

Presuming Chris really wants to serve, and for the life of me I truly do not know why anyone would want this position unless the person planned on running for the next term, he's going about it the wrong way. This is an appointment, not an election. Any communication you make to recommend yourself for the position should be ingratiating to the BOE. If I were a board member, I would find your letter to be more antagonistic than anything.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

If they don't appoint within 30 days then a Probate Judge will appoint so there is no way they can finish the term with an empty seat.

We don't remember days only moments...

appointee,,,,,,,,,Larry Sykes

Chris has every right to ask for the appointment. To me, he has more of a right to do so than those who have never put themselves under the public scrutiny of running for a political office before. If running and losing disqualified people, neither Richard Nixon, George H. W. Bush, nor Barack Obama would not have had the opportunity to be elected President.

Chris has every right to run for this office, or any office for which he meets the requirements. I may not agree with Chris on much, but many people have been appointed to public office or elected to public office with whom I disagree. I just can't wish Chris good luck, though. The best I can do is: I wish you good health in all of your pursuits!


I'll debate issues "til the cows come home", and never take it personally.

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