TPS education statistics

TPS is once again being pilloried -but this time with great justification. "Early scores show that Ohio 3rd through 8th graders are getting a "C" average or better in reading. Only 51 percent of 8th graders across the State passed the social studies section of the test. Regarding local averages: Ottawa Hills was Lucas County's top performer with 83 percent of the kids passing the test. Down at the bottom is Toledo Public with only 19 percent making the grade."

Let's fire the school administrators and teachers, too. They are performing babysitting services, not teaching.

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It would be interesting if these exams were available to adults to test their mettle.

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Whatever happened to the power of the NCLB Act? You'd think from the terms of the Act, the TPS would have privatized half of its schools by now, due to continued failures to improve student scoring.

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