Robert Brundage passed away today

I received this by e-mail today. Robert periodically posted here. We will miss you Robert. To the punk who thought it would be cool to take a bike, you will have a lot of time to think about your decision now.
It is with great sadness that I am informing you of Robert's death. The
official time of his death is 4:04 pm. He died peacefully with his brother,
niece and 3 close friends present. The family will be issuing a press
release later this afternoon or early evening. Memorial services will
probably be sometime early next week. I will let you know as I am informed
of any plans.

-- Steven G. Flagg

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May the court system try this juvenile who killed Robert as an adult and send him to prison where he will never see the light of day again.

I knew Robert. What a great loss to our community. Such a senseless act that doesn't benefit anyone. May this young man who committed this atrosity rot in hell.

I only briefly knew Robert Brundage in passing, as he was one of those people who seemed to be traveling in some of the same circles as me. Yet the many testimonials from people who knew him better help me realize what a tremendous human asset this area has lost.

As for the bike-stealing thug: I will not wish him to rot in hell, but I have no problem with a looong sentence being doled out. Dailahntae Jemison turns 16 next month, so the job of pushing for him to be tried as an adult is easier. It would be a shame if Jemison was tried as a juvenile and he left a detention facility at age 21.

I suspect his attorney will first fight to maintain juvenile status, and if that fails, that his attorney will seek a plea bargain for manslaughter or negligent homicide.

Yet my thoughts keep returning to Robert Brundage, a man I wish I knew better. In re-reading a bunch of his old ToledoTalk posts, I realized how much wisdom I might have gleaned from him had I become his friend.

Bob was one of the good guys. He put his friends and community first in his heart. He spent the last years of his life helping those that could not help themselves and affecting change through the power of collaboration.

He wanted to see his community grow and thrive and knew that we had to address the issues involving the central core of Toledo.

Bob believed in judging folks by the content of their character as defined by their deeds and actions. In my mind Bob was one of the richest men in Toledo. He will be mourned by many and he will be sorely missed by his friends. The tragedy is that he had so much more to give.

I am richer for knowing him and his influence on me will be felt the rest of my life. While I will miss him tremendously, I am so grateful that I knew him and he took an interest in me.

When I first heard of the incident which caused Bob's early departure I was reminded of the phrase from RFK's funeral by Senator Kennedy, "My brother saw wrongs, and tried to right them." Rest well Robert.

It's abominable how folks remain in denial of these hard, cold facts.

Although this is a time of mourning, I’m ashamed at the lack of compassion I see here. Several of you claim to have known Robert Brundage, yet you completely lack the empathy that he struggled so hard to maintain in this community throughout his life. Do you honestly believe that a man with such a gentle soul would want a child, yes I say child, because he is one, to “Never see the light of day”, or to, “rot in hell”? Dailahntae Jemison is a 15 year old child, who comes from a broken background that no child warrants. He is an example of the children Robert tried to help through his community service, which is what makes his death even more despairing. This is exactly what’s fundamentally wrong with this country, instead of asking what can we do to help this child and other children to prevent such atrocities like this from happening again, we are more content with condemming them to hell, blaming there race, or acting like they’re adults, so we can throw away the key and forget about them. Dailahntae Jemison deserves severe consquences for his actions, but he also deserves to be acknowledged as a child, and rehabilitaed as such. Robert Brundage never gave up on anyone because it was easier, why should we? Not only does it make me sick that Robert died, it also makes me sick to see how much hatred is being spouted in his name on this and other websites. Rather then condem this child to hell, I will procede with the lessons Robert taught our community and pray for him and Dailahntae Jemison, because I know that’s truly what Robert would have wanted. I am deeply saddended by Robert Brundage’s death, and I am deeply saddened that a child was capapble of such brutality. I pray that they both find peace.

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