Ward Recommends Dr. Steven Goldman for City Council

Toledo, OH – On tomorrow July 7, City Council will be selecting the new council president, and most likely fill the vacant council seat. The Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee has recommended TPS School Board President Steve Steel to get the vacant seat. With the vacant seat on City Council the Republicans are outnumbered by the Democrats 7-3, with one Independent. Therefore, while those on City Council do not have to accept the recommendation of the Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee...most likely they will.

Ward states, “This is an example of how politics are played in Toledo. Enough is enough, citizens are fed up! We must stop these back door deals, and redefine politics. Government should serve the people...but government has went off track. Now the Government does whatever they feel like, and we the people just have to deal with it. This is clearly wrong, and a change must come soon, and what better time for it to come than right here, and right now.”

Steve Steel was elected to the TPS School Board and currently serves as the board President. According to WTOL news (online posted June 24, 2009 ) Steel says, “Folks know who I am, where I stand on issues. I'd been in the public eye for 3 ½ years. We deal with the same public scrutiny and transparency issues accountability to voters, to constituents, a lot of similar issues council faces.”

Ward asserts, “The issue here is accountability. Mr. Steel was elected by the citizens of Toledo to serve on the TPS School Board. Currently, the Toledo Public Schools are facing many problems. Instead of the TPS School Board President fulfilling his term, he is bailing out to seek another political office. In doing so, he has let our children within the Toledo Public School's down, as his work simply isn't done. When people are elected to serve, they should serve their full term. I believe Steel owes everyone who voted for him to get on the TPS School Board an explanation as to why he cannot fulfill his term on that board. Now, tomorrow Steel may be appointed to City Council. Once again, this will happen without the citizens of Toledo having a voice in the matter. I encourage the citizens of Toledo to let your voices be heard at the polls on September 15 during the primary election for City Council. A person may be appointed now, but on September 15 the citizens of Toledo will have a chance to redefine politics. Lastly, I urge the current City Council members to consider the citizens of Toledo, and appoint Dr. Steven Goldman to the vacant council seat.

Stephen Ward is the candidate for Toledo City Council who believes in taking the Servant Leadership approach to government. He is the only council candidate that has been consistent with his message of redefining politics, and taking action now to give the citizens of Toledo a voice.

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Assuming we're talking about the same Dr. Goldman, I'd strongly suggest people do their due diligence before appointing him to a leadership position.

This would not be a recommendation that I would personally endorse.

wins this nomination, just so I can watch that last lifeboat to the suburbs fill to the waterline and get him away from claiming control on the coattails of other people's successful endeavours...

Please elaborate, because of the two, Im pretty much behind what Ward is saying:

We took a do-nothing mayor in Jack Ford and handed him a seat on the school board with not so much as a nod to better qualified people who were also vying for that seat. He proceeded to do nothing there either - he supposedly was placed on the board because of his 'close ties to Columbus'. What did that get us?

Now we're looking to do the same thing in reverse?
Take someone from the school board who's currently spending more per student with less results than any other comprable urban district in the state and talking about placing him in our council.

I heard Goldman speak the other day, and frankly, what he said made a lot of sense. so again Photodan. You post intelligently out here on a regular basis, can you give us more reason NOT to put Goldman in place seeing the choice we're given?

And yes, I realize the irony in that statement --- it's not like we'll have any choice at all, so pardon my phrasing.

I'm sure he has sounded good in speeches. His intelligence is not in question.
I am going to abstain from giving personal accounts here but I strongly suggest speaking to his colleagues and subordinates before cementing your opinion.

since Steel is running for City Council, why appoint him, thereby leaving the School Board having to appoint someone for four months when TPS is in a state of crisis. Losing students, closing schools, busing, unresolved lawsuits and many more issues. At the beginning of the year when the board president was elected, Darlene Fisher specifically asked Steel not to take the board presidency since he was running for city council. She did not see how he could do both. Well now we see how committed Steel was to "the children." Wasn't he a part of the "three for children?"

Toledo and it's crazy politics!!

I would be remiss in not mentioning that Steel is now the kinder and gentler board member. wink wink...

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