Sarah Palin to Resign as Alaskas' Governor

Sarah Palin is going to resign as Governor of Alaska. I guess the Libs have won after all. Now she will be out of politics, it seems, and the democrats have nothing more to fear from her------------or have they(heh,heh,heh,heh!)?

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heard all week, now maybe her children will be able to get some attention.

Wow, this is so sexist, and a conservative white male is pointing this out.

Women can't have full time jobs AND be mothers? Way to take us back 50 years.

They're going to say:

Pa-Pa-----where's our Ma?
Gone to the White House--Ha-Ha-Ha!

I'm sure she won't be out of politics, and this is likely a set-up for some kind of national run, but her ending up in the White House? LOL, cold day in Hell.

She's also burned her share of bridges in Alaska.

I hope she wears her tightest skirt when she gets inaugurated! I can't wait.

But, hey, maybe she's the best conservatives have to offer. If that's the case, more's the pity and pass the popcorn.

Ive always been amused at the level of hatred that the left still has for Palin.

How much press did Edwards get 6mo after W. took office?
Seems to me he was pretty much forgotten, even tho everyone pretty much knew he was going to take another shot at the #1 seat the next time around.

And yes thomas, you're correct about the ignorant sexist comment, but you really need to consider the source.

the majority of the left, and, let's be honest, a large share of Republicans as well, see her for what she empty suit and a phoney one at that.

Her press conference announcing this was laughably lame and does anyone actually believe tripe like this?:

'Mrs. Palin said she reached her decision after polling her children about whether they wanted her to "make a positive difference and fight for all our children's future from outside the governor's office."

Barf bags all around, please.

I'm with John McCain's buddy here:

'Those close to Mrs. Palin's former running mate, Sen. John McCain, were less circumspect. One of Mr. McCain's closest friends and confidants, John Weaver, told the Washington Post he was "not smart enough to see the strategy in this."
"We've seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months, but this one is at the top of that," Mr. Weaver said.

Please name ONE bill introduced by Barak Obama while he was a Senator.

Just one.

After all, Barak Obama was elected president. He cannot be "an empty suit and a phoney one at that" which means he must have done something for America that warranted being elected President.

Plenty of bills he Co-sponsored. But none written and indroducd by him. Looks like Barak was just riding coat-tails in the Senate. An empty suit, a play-dough type of person who could say nothing better than anyone.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

of threads dealing with any topic except George Bush, and some liberal on here will post a comment that blames George Bush for whatever the topic is about, with conservatives hollering all the while.

You're talking about Barack Obama because of the empty suit comment?

I actually agree, in historical terms, Obama's accomplishments before being elected President can be considered meager.

In large measure, he was elected because the American voting public believed he had the promise, the potential, the intellect to be an effective President...and, yes, the Republican brand name was soiled by eight years of Bush screwups.

Was it a somewhat risky choice? Yes, and time will tell if it was the right one.

Sarah Palin did nothing, in debates, in the few press conferences she actually had, to demonstrate a sound grasp of issues or an intellectual wherewithal to even discuss the issues voters felt important.

Obama has the potential to be effective, maybe even great. (He could also flop). Palin doesn't rate highly on the potential meter and she's mostly effective with extreme right-wingers who place issues like religion, God and guns at the top of their agenda.

Those are not the issues the majority of Americans are concerned with. If she's the face of the Republican Party, conservatives may not win a presidential election again for a very long time.

I think the underlying reason (regardless of what she said) was that she can't 'prepare' to run for president as long as she's stuck in Alaska - this frees her up. I honestly don't care if she runs - she won't win, she's not smart enough, and the shortest skirt in the world won't hide that.

If an idiot who can't speak w/o a teleprompter can win-she can.

won't be responsible for the baby anymore, maybe. They are such little mothers. But the real mother needs to mother her children. Thomas this is not a sexist statement, it is a true statement. That is part of the reason children are having children, no one is home watching them. That is why children are so out of control, their parents have abandoned them. Sarah Palin AND her husband abandoned the children. I think that is plain for all to see. It has absolutely nothing to do with the sex of the parent but the commitment of the parents to be parents.

The moral right Sanford and Palin, full of family values both abandoned their children while serving as governor. One is male and one is female, one is a mother and one is a father. Surely you can understand where my statement came from. You can't be that closeminded.

I don't think anybody hates/hated Sarah Palin, I know I don't/didn't. I just thought she was in over her head and used her "sexuality" to garner the attention of the republican party. It just didn't work, I am sure there is more coming down the road, other than abandoning her constituency that is the reason for this decision. Probably been on the Appalachian trail.

Can women have full time jobs and be mothers? I think the state of America in 2009 when it comes to families will give you the answer to that question. Babies having babies. Who is minding the children? Nobody! Conservatives aren't parenting their children either. Mommy is at work, Daddy is on the Appalachian Trail and the kids come home to an empty house, TV, Computers, Cell Phones and video games.

So you don't think women should have children and work outside the home?

get back with me on that question after you and your wife have your first baby.


conservative white male...

Now you all KNEW it was only a matter of time before the resident bigot would start spewing the racist pap, didntcha?

Oh how she stereotypes:

Conservatives aren't parenting their children either. Mommy is at work, Daddy is on the Appalachian Trail and the kids come home to an empty house, TV, Computers, Cell Phones and video games.

In your mind that's how all conservative households are run?
You embarrass yourself. My Lord, just how is what you just said any different from when Georgeassholejetson posted his moronic views about blacks contributing nothing to society but entertainment. You're no better than he is, and he was denounced by posters here en masse as a troll. How are you different?

You pontificate on Palin and her children. If she's such an awful parent, lets hear some facts about how horrible her kids are turning out? You know the press is up their backsides for every thing they do - what laws can you show me that her kids have ever broken? Can you say the same about your own children? You already posted about how you cant keep one of your kids out of jail - why dont you mind your own back yard before you start running down other people and how they raise their kids.

Yes, her daughter became pregnant. OH Despair!!!! Despite the circumstances, there are actually people on both sides of the political fence who dont see that as "a punishment", as some presidents have called it. And there have been thousands and thousands of mothers who've had unplanned babies, who have turned out just fine - AND there are thousands and thousands of unplanned babies who have been welcomed into a family and grown up into wonderful people. Did all these young mothers and fathers come from lousy parents? Or maybe it's just the white conservative ones because black democrats have it all together and dont produce unplanned babies?

That comment coming from you of all people speaks volumes about you. You are a true cretin.

if you could read you will see that Thomas referred to himself as a "conservative white male." I did not insert /spew race into this conversation. You are just silly. I will now read the rest of your rant and possibly comment.

after reading your silly rant, I choose not to comment.

he does seem as a silly little boy at times.

Continue to refrain from getting down in the gutter with the uneducated and the unenlightened such as him.
He is not worth it.
He acts like he owns this board.

His attribution of remarks to you is, at times, preposterous.
He appears to be trolling for an argument.
Apparantly that is what makes his day. Sad, sad.....
A true troll, indeed.

I can see now why you refer to him as "sillyBilly".

"let's be honest, a large share of Republicans as well, see her for what she empty suit and a phoney one at that."

I disagree with this statement.

She has done well in her state and even despite the media attacking her at every step she has very comparable approval ratings. You don't get those by being a phony especially during a recession.

Besides she did help the McCain ticket despite what the media tells you. McCain got more female supporters to support him than Bush did in '00 and '04 without any significant legislation or without picking up a single female issue. The only factor that could raise female support logically would be the addition of Palin on the ticket.

As for purnhrt. That is why children are so out of control, their parents have abandoned them. I totally disagree. Most children are out of control is because the parents allow their children to be. I see "cougars" out all the time with their children. They dress alike and they act alike. These single mothers are allowing their children's inappropriate behavior because it will help them score a 20 yr old boyfriend.

Just yesterday I was at a water park in palm springs. I saw countless numbers of 7-12 yr olds wearing bikini's. I believe at that age by allowing that type of swimwear you are promoting their sexuality earlier and by the time they hit 13 it's no wonder why they are already sexually active.


with almost every poll between the time she was announced as the VP choice last year and the election.

The more people saw of her, the more they thought she was unqualified. That included many Republicans.

This latest decision by her is only going to add to that opinion.

True, but you'll get that when you go for as visible of a position as what she was going for. Add to that the attacks on her.

Yet this month she has a 54% approval rating. Compare that to Ted Strickland's 46%. Strickland has been anything but high profile and definitely hasn't had the attacks. Strickland's drag on his numbers is the state economy.


you're going to have to get past this 'blaming' notion that the press and 'the attacks on her' are the reason her approval numbers dropped and the McCain-Palin ticket got creamed last fall.

Voters looked at her, and they didn't like what they saw..except certain right-wingers who appreciated her positions, as I already spoke of, on religion, abortion and guns.

She didn't measure up on everything else and its the 'everything else' that really matters to the vast majority of Americans.

It's a tough pill to swallow, perhaps, but you're just gonna have to do it.

By the way, just to add, who quits a governorship because of perceived attacks in the press and borderline-ethical jokes by late-night comedians (Letterman)?

Honestly, she can't stomach this malarky enough to finish her governor's term but she's still considered presidential material and able to handle the world stage and everything that comes with that by her defenders?

And Obama's considered soft by some by way of comparison? Please.

"Voters looked at her, and they didn't like what they saw..except certain right-wingers who appreciated her positions,"

um... she has a 54% approval rating in her state. Barack Obama has a 53% approval rating according to Rasmussen reports yet people are talking about how well liked he is.


I was talking nationally, about what happened with the '08 election.

If you want to talk about Alaska, and if those are actually her approval ratings (54%), now we're talking of someone, alledgedly popular, quitting her term because the press has been nasty to her and her family? Wow, isn't she tough under fire?

She's quitting, IMO, because she can now focus on the lower 48 for a '12 election test drive. She's also, with her book coming out, going to be getting speaking engagements up the wazoo. She'll be raking in the dough hand over fist.

Turns out she's just another politician selling out to get richer. It's not unethical or illegal, and neither is it noble or endearing. Many others have done it, although most of them at least finish the job they were elected to do in the first place before turning on the money spigot.

But, I know, she 'polled her children', LOL.

Here's what a Palin presidential candidacy means to me.

The death of the feminist movement!

Fifteen years ago this movement still held some power even with the failure of the ERA. However today it's a nonexistent joke. Too many conservative women have been attacked and not been aided for them to hold any type of political clout anymore.

They allowed Hilary Clinton to be attacked and stood silent. They allowed Sarah Palin and her children to be attacked and stood silent. They allowed Miss California to be attacked and stood silent.

So with this it's not surprising to me that Homosexuals serving openly in the military is still an issue yet Women serving on the front lines is not.


Hold up! You are all over the place with this thread. Focus! And who is "they?"

Who is this MikeA of which you speak?


But when I asked Palin if she ever decided to pursue national office again, as she did less than a year ago when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House, wouldn't she encounter the same political blood sport? Can such ugliness ever be avoided?

Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations.

"I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out," she said.

There is no "Department of Law" at the White House.

I think she means the justice dept don't you?

There is no TU anywhere in Toledo yet people still insist on calling it that.


Even if she meant Justice Department, it doesn't perform the function she's describing, just ask Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

As for calling it TU, is some guy who was interviewing for the job of President of the University of Toledo kept calling it TU, you'd think him an idiot.

"you'd think him an idiot."

I didn't call anyone an idiot.


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