Moody Wins WTOL Mayoral Poll

44% Would Vote For Him Today
A recent poll taken by WTOL TV showed that if the mayoral election
were held now, Mayoral candidate Jim Moody would win by nearly 7%. We
are really excited that the voters of Toledo believe in our message",
said Moody. Adding, "It is clear that Toledoans want a candidate that
can deliver on job growth, public safety and a more transparent
According to campaign manager Mark Kidman, "It is gratifying to know
that all our hard work is beginning to make a difference. We know the
election is nearly two months away but this kind of win makes our team
even more motivated. We all believe that Toledo is a great community
to work and raise a family and that we just need the right kind of
leadership to realize our full potential"
Jim Moody owns businesses in real estate, publishing and adult
career education. He has consulted for manufactures, service industry
companies and worked in the automotive manufacturing industry.
July 1, 2009

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You mean 44% of the people who participated in this poll would vote for him. Does this mean the other tens of thousands of voters who didn't participate mean nothing. What about the other polls he finished behind at least two other candidates. I smell shades of another Carty Finkbeiner rising from the ashes.

In the November election, the only candidates Moody could beat would be Konop and Opal Covey. Any of the other three would win by a landslide.

That's why polls are polls. BOTH sides of the political fence love to hold them up if they come out in their favor, and the press just reports what's out there, and like it or not, the polls are news.

The real danger is when politicans use them to run the country.

When looking at polls there are things to take into account.

If this is an online poll, which I suspect it is then this would be accurate 44% of the people who participated in this poll would vote for him.

However if it is not an online poll then it means that it isn't statistically correct and not random.

If this is a random sampling then it speaks well for Moody. 44% is a good number to take into a primary like what Toledo has. If it is a random sample it is surprising but not too surprising as Konop, Wilkowski, and Bell are fighting for the same demographic yet Moody does well in other demographic.

However, if this is a online poll than the best thing for Moody's campaign is that it shows his base is "energetic" because only motivated supporters would seek out a poll like this. But it could on the flip side just show the lethargy of the Democratic demographics at this point.


Saw the Moody Mobile at the Mud Hens game last night. One thing they may have considered is if your candidate is not attractive that you don't post a huge pic of him on the side of the van, the guy looks like a nut!


on a minivan no less

Basing stuff on looks? Heck, what about ol cross eye'd Konop? the headlights on his campaign car should point at one another!!

I went to the Harard Circle event yesterday. I had a great time. It's a great family event. All the mayoral candidates were there, except for Mike Bell. I quess he figures he doesn't have to campaign because he thinks he's got the election in the bag. Some of his drones were there collecting signatures and they looked desparate, Not a lot of people wanted to sign his petition. I wonder what that was about? I got a chance to speak with Moody and Wilkowski. Moody has got some ideas that Toledo's so-called elite rich people will like. Wilkowski has excellent ideas that everybody will like.

"I quess he figures he doesn't have to campaign because he thinks he's got the election in the bag"

You don't seriously believe this do you?


I can't speak for Laural, but I do believe that Bell has the election advantage. The Blade clearly considers him a front runner, if not the only front runner. That Konop thing, too ... the Blade would elect either of them tomorrow if it could.

they ALL have excellent ideas BEFORE the election.
And want to hear what you have to say about them.
That's when they want your vote.

We need someone that has excellent ideas AFTER the election and acts on them.

Sorry I missed you. I did not attend because
I knew ole' Carleton "I can do no wrong" Finkbeiner would be there.
And he was, according to my sources.
With his above-the-law dog Scout.
Scout was on a leash this time, reportedly.

next year,
Paul Liberty

I did not attend because
I knew ole' Carleton "I can do no wrong" Finkbeiner would be there. And he was, according to my sources.

So, why would that keep you from... Oh yeah, the DUI thing... Sorry, forgot...

but why don't you get your attention focused back on the REALLY important issues of our society....
like -
Are boys and girls rooming together at college.

I can't believe that you post crap like that on TT.
Grow a brain.

And difficult as it may seem at times, try to stay on topic.

BTW - try using your REAL name.
I sign all my comments, so should you.
Come out from behind that littleboy screen name and
own your comments.

Paul Liberty
hope I will see everyone at BASH AT THE BAY '09 !!!!!!!!!!!

Challenge still goes.

Catches your image pretty well, I think:

Buy the way, why not address what I post on TT on that forum? Unless of course you cant because you were kicked off of it under one of your cartoonish pseudonyms

I happen to be one...
and YOU continue to hide behind a screen name.
No Gonads ?

as always,
Paul Liberty

see you at BASH AT THE BAY '09 !!!!!!!!!

I thought you said you didn't post on TT?

So why "I can't believe that you post crap like that on TT.
Grow a brain."

Isn't it time to come clean "Paul".


It wasnt Gary that had an issue with our 'childish' names.

it's not Gary who reads TT but doesnt post out there...

it's Sarge/Harley who thought our names were funny, despite his choosing one from Beetle Bailey and the other from a trailer park.

it was Harley who cant post on TT because he was tossed off of it by jr for being a troll.

I'd apologise to Gary, but -- F*ck Gary, ya know?

But no, I think Paul-E-Wogg is our own trailer trash, Harley. Wants everyone to go to the Bash to vote for opal.

just read the email he sent me and judge for yourself....

btw, georgejetson and elmoron both are deactivated....

thats why you are young and i am old.

You need things explained to you, even the clearly obvious.....

I said that " I do not post on TT " -  
That is not the same as "I can't believe YOU post crap like that on TT".

Reading TT is not the same as posting on TT.

He posted it, I read it.

Get with the lingo, son.

BTW - try using your real name. You will tend to make fewer immature comments.

always willing to teach the young,
Paul Liberty

hope to see you @ BASH AT THE BAY '09 !!!!

"try using your real name. You will tend to make fewer immature comments."

First off, How do you know MikeyA isn't my real name?

Secondly, how does someone's name control their comments? My father hates his given name as it's a family name that was passed on. He is known by everyone by the nickname his father gave him. If he uses his given name will he suddenly talk differenty?

As to Billy, I agree Sarge/Harley has made that same assertion. But El Freako did as well. Likewise other comments he's made are much more along the lines of Gary.

Besides I don't believe Sarge/Harley would keep up the charade this long.... he's not that smart. He supported Opal Covey.


it's like deliberating what's a cow flop and what's a road apple.

One's a drunk and the other thinks a certifiable lunatic is the answer to all of toledo's problems.

Just flotsam and jetsam.

Finkbeiner was received coldly for the most part and Amy looked very stressed. Carty seemed to be very selective who he spoke to and he avoided all the mayoral candidates and their volunteers, except for Mike Bell's person. His trip through the crowd was quick and then he disappeared. Ben Konop was their with an unknown blonde. He was very snotty and most people didn't seem to really want to talk to him. Wilkowski and Collins appeared to be received best.

I ran into one of Bell's workers last weekend at A Taste of Toledo Festival. I asked him where was Mike Bell? He said that Mike doesn't attend these types of functions because Mike knows he's going to win the election anyway. I thought that was a strange answer, but checking around suggests Mike may have this attitude because Carty and and his B-Teamers are covertly running Bell's bid for Mayor.

Ya know, the more and more I read and listen, the more and more I come to think Mr Bell might be a bit overconfident if that's really how he feels.

I work with three spouses of firemen, and all three of them say that their familys will NOT be voting for Mr Bell... And coming from firemen families, that does raise concern.

If Moody is smart he can use this election for better and brighter things.

He is facing 3 major Dem candidates (I'm a Bell supporter and even I will admit he's a Dem).

That means all he has to do is shore up Repub areas of Toledo (There are some. I know I was shocked too) and he walks into the general election.

He doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell to make win the general election even if the Blade pulls a move like they did with Ray Kest.

However he can use this as a jumping point for other positions in the count. His name will have gotten out there and he could contend for a position elsewhere in the county or hopefully within the party.


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