TPPA and City Administration Have "Sold Out Toledoans"

"According to all the reports I have seen, the biggest loser in the TPPA/City
contract are the citizens of Toledo and the still laid off police officers,"
said mayoral candidate Jim Moody. Adding, "This contract does little to address
the costs of safety officers to the citizens of Toledo, insures the city of
Toledo will have a huge debt to pay in two years for which there is no plan to
pay for and leaves our streets with fewer police officers than just a few short
months ago. Our parents and children are now less safe than before. By accepting
this contract, the professional politicians of this city will have pushed Toledo
further towards the brink of bankruptcy and the TPPA leadership has left a huge
number of their members to fend for themselves, accomplishments of which both
parties should be ashamed of."

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