Kaptur's pork makes Drudge


The pork Kaptur added to the climate change bill which no one was allowed to read totals 3.5 billion.

Because of the price tag of this bill alone is essentially guaranteeing it won't pass the Senate but it's important to note it will essentially end up a tax.

However, with all the talk of unneeded pork in the struggling economy our esteemed representative added in 3.5 billion for environmental projects in Ohio and "other midwestern states".

Because of the negative attention this will get if the bill passes it will almost surely be one of the first things cut.

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Funny how Kaptur's vote was bought out by the Dem leadership with YOUR money.

Wow - wing nuts unite!

Marcy is bring our tax dollars back to Northwest Ohio by giving us the same deal that many Southern states have.

The Southern states take our Northern Tax dollars to suplement their infrastructure then turn around and can ofter lower taxes to steal our companies.

THIS added to the bill is exacly why we sent Kapture to congress.

I'd like ONE - just ONE Republcian to run on the ticket that they won't bring a dollar back to Northwest Ohio.

From Marcy's office -

The Great Lakes states would benefit from creation of a new regional power marketing authority thanks to a key amendment that Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur succeeded in placing in the climate change legislation that the House of Representative passed on Friday evening. The Kaptur amendment, included in the manager’s amendment to H.R. 2484, authorizes the Secretary of Energy to authorize a power marketing authority with $3.26 billion in additional lending authority. Kaptur, a longtime advocate of alternative energy, said the authority would be used to develop renewable energy sources and spur economic development in the Great Lakes region.

“This amendment promotes much-needed regional equity,” said Congresswoman Kaptur. “The federal government has been subsidizing infrastructure and economic development in other parts of the country since the New Deal. Now it’s our turn. With the Midwest taking the brunt of the economic crisis, my priority was to bring our region additional tools to create jobs and promote energy independence.”

She's taking our money and giving it back to us is a big deal?

I wish she'd fight to just not take it from us in the first place, but Im funny that way.

I live in reality. I'm funny that way. I know that congress will spend out dollars, doesn't matter if Republicans or Democrats control it.

I'd rather see out representatives do everything in their power to even the playing field with the welfare states of the South and states like Alaska.

I also know what many of the largest energy projects in the US were the direct result of the government.

Las Vegas wouldn't exist if not for the US government building Hoover damn and don't forget about the Tennessee Valley Authority has provided jobs and cheap energy to the South of a couple of generations.

As far as I'm concerned, this "even the playing field" mantra is pure bulls**t! People/states shouldn't have to drag others along for a free ride. This is the real world and and if one can't pull their own weight--too bad.

I am outraged! Ms. Kaptur exchanged a vote for the highest tax increase EVER for 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS...BBBBBBILLION dollars of hard earned money to put into an energy source AT HER DISCRETION that is more expensive in the long run than what we currently have. The only thing this did was ensure an election win for her in 2010. If you are not outraged at what our Congress is doing to us...then your not paying attention. I am neither a republican OR a democrat.....I am someone who uses common sense and looks into these things on both conservative and liberal views. While the rest of the world is running away from what our country is doing, we are running towards it. If you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.

Do you know how much 3.5 BILLION dollars is? If she gave each person in the city of Toledo (guestimating roughly 300k people), we would each have approx $12,000 PER PERSON and I know between my husband and I, I could use that money to green my life myself.

Have we forgotten that WE are the government? I spent the last two weeks calling her office asking her not to vote for it. She cowardly couldnt tell anyone who DID call, how she planned to vote until it happened. I told her office I would make sure that if she voted for it, I would campaign against her and I meant it. So as soon as a candidate comes up with one inch of 'public servant' yearning, as they all should be, I will be the first one to knock on your door and tell you why you shouldn't vote for her ever again.

What kind of a country do we live in where the biggest tax hike in American history isnt even read by those who voted it in??

When I called her office the last two weeks, about 50% of the time, the line was busy and I highly doubt people were calling begging her to please vote for the tax hike....I would like to see the tally in her office of who called what the percentage for and against was.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

"Although the program would benefit his home state, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, also of Ohio, criticized the provision during a more-than-hourlong speech Friday evening. He said an Ohio-based power authority was unneeded because electricity already flows well through Ohio without a new federal power authority.

"We do it today," he said. "We are doing it already."

Except when First Energy neglects to trim tree branches outside of Akron and causes a blackout stretching from New England to Detroit.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

My outrage is not from her bringing money into the area.

It's that the price tag on it is so huge it will undoubtedly be one of the first things cut. Likewise we are hypocrites if we yell and scream about pork yet do not when it comes to our area.


Good for her.

Isn't the Washington Times owned by cult leader Rev. Moon?

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