Oops, Yet Another Lawsuit

Perhaps some of the city's money woes have orginated from all the lawsuits against the city, city employees and the Mayor. For example starting with 2008:

1. Karen Stranahan filed suit against the garbage tax stating that it was taxation without representation.

2. The Midwest Retailors Association filed suit station the the city was in violation of the 4th, 5th, 13th and 14th Ammendment of the United States Constitution.

3. The Civil Rights Commision filed suit against the city for discrimantory practices towards employees that worked for the Mayor in 2008
4.The wrongful act of the Mayor for placing a certain gentleman on the Deadbeat Dozen list of people who owed the city of Toledo money. The gentleman would have not filed suit if a public appology was forth coming from the Mayor. However Mayor Carty would not appologize, thus a lawsuit was filed.

1. A woman employee filed against the city for discrimination when she was left go from her supervisor job.

2. A trade union filed suit based on the Erie Street Market and the lack of paying proper wages.

On June 30th, the Toledo Blade released another article pertaining to yet another upcoming lawsuit. C.M.T. Limited, a commercial business has now filed suit against the city of Toledo and one of its employees, Sue Federick. According to the owner, Christian Everett, Ms. Federick entered his premises, without just cause and permission, to conviscate vehicles from his lot in 2008. Furthermore, Ms. Federick used bolt cutters to get to the cars which she deemed as"nusciance vehicles" and had them improperly towed from his premises. The case is assigned to Judge Doneghy.

In addition, the Blade also reported thattwo years previously, the city of Toledo paid $7,500 settlement to George Pratt, for the reason that Ms. Federick tried to confiscate his vehicle also.

My questions are "Just how much money will or has been paid out towards lawyer fees and settlements in lawsuits? and "Are there even more lawsuits against the city of Toledo that the public are unaware of"?

Sue Federick is the person who recently ticketed many residents for parking illegally in front on their house or in graveled side lots. According to Ms. Federick, it is legal to park on gravelled driveways. However, it is illegal to park in gravel covered areas in front of, or side lots of the home.

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I'm surprised there hasn't been a class action suit from all states about the smoking bans - they spit in the face of our Constitution & Bill of Rights, and pervert the legal definition of "private propety' vs 'public property' (look it up in Blacks), and makes a mockery of free enterprise when it dictates to private business owners what legal activities they can allow in their businesses (they invite the public in, but the public is NOT required to enter, and private businesses do not get govt or tax dollar assistance).

I thought this was a thread on jon "the stain"


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