House Republicans Object to Delay on Live-Saving Measure

COLUMBUS - The following statement can be attributed in part or in whole
to Representative Barbara Sears (R- Sylvania ), on the subject of the
House Democrat Caucus' refusal to pass Senate Bill 57, which would
permit sixteen-year-olds to donate blood with parental consent:

"Currently a measure that would help save lives, at no cost to the
state, is being held up by the House Democrats by what appears to be a
shameful act of partisan politics.

Senate Bill 57 would increase the supply of blood here in Ohio
potentially helping the lives of tens of thousands of Ohioans. The bill
passed the Senate, and then the House State Government Committee
unanimously. However, the measure has since been used as a political
pawn by House Democrats who have stopped the bill from being passed into
law seven times.

Today when asked why the measure was being held, House Democrat
leadership responded that they had passed a similar bill sponsored by
one of the members of the House Democrat Caucus and they are waiting on
the Senate to pass their version of the bill.

The language of the two bills is the same; the only difference is who is
given credit. It is astounding that the House Democrats would hold
hostage a proposal that could save lives for their own recognition. The
bill should be passed because it is good policy and will help the people
of Ohio. This purposeful inaction is inexcusable and I stand with my
caucus in urging the passage of Senate Bill 57 as soon as possible."

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Pass the House version and be glad that you could help people in need of blood in Ohio.

You work for us, the citizens of Ohio, not your party or your career.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at



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