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June 29th, 2009



The group of six candidates running as Teamwork Toledo will see itself whittled down to five candidates as David "P.R.E.Z." Washington, the last of the six to join the team has decided to leave as of today.

When asked what prompted him to make the decision, P.R.E.Z. commented, "It's become apparent that we simply have very different methods on how to attain and reach our goals. After a time of prayer and contemplation, it became clear that it would be best for me to move on and pursue things separately."

P.R.E.Z. is one of several individuals running for the six Toledo city council at large seats. He was active in the Toledo Tea Party and is a member of the civic organization the Children Of Liberty.

"There's no ill will here. I have formed some great relationships and I will still help in endeavors to get others onto city council."

P.R.E.Z. is running a campaign based on "Less is more: less taxing, less spending, less government." He's currently wrapping up his petition drive and will announce his idea platform by July 7th.

Anyone interested in following his campaign can go to

P.R.E.Z. For Council
Sometimes Less Is More

Teamwork Toledo response:

The following statement is in response to David "P.R.E.Z." Washington's decision to leave Teamwork Toledo and pursue his own campaign for Toledo Ciy Council:

"David made a tough decision that involves his campaign. We wish him well in his personal, professional, and political endeavors. We all have similar and strong core beliefs and look forward to working together on Toledo City Council in January."

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That was my biggest concern for Teamwork toledo -

Toledo Free Press ran criminal background checks in Lucas County and Toledo on each of the six candidates who are part of Teamwork Toledo. David Washington was charged in a 1993 incident with criminal trespass, vandalism and assault. All the charges were dropped, except assault, which was reduced to a peace bond violation, to which he pleaded no contest. He also pleaded no contest to passing bad checks in 1990. He served three days in jail and was placed on probation for one year, according to court records.

What have you done in YOUR past? If you have never been charged with or convicted of a crime then you have the right to criticize Mr. Washington. If you have been charged with or convicted of a crime then shut up!

My past record is not the point here as IM NOT RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE!!!

I am not asking to be put in charge of a 200 million budget with a past record of passing bad checks!!

See the difference you moron??

Heck sarge, you make it sound like it's a rarity to find someone who has never been charged or convicted of a crime.

Maybe to YOU it is, I don't think it's asking too much that a potential public servant have a clean record.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Hey SUGE, or whatever your name is, who are you to tell people to shut up? Shut up your damn self.

What I posted on Toledo Talk about Opal Covey is irrelevant to the topic. The topic on here, in case you don't know how to read, concerns Mr. Washington, NOT Opal Covey. I personally do not care for P.R.E.Z. but I do not think a person's past record should automatically disqualify them from holding office. Anything short of murder,rape,arson,treason or any other truly serious crime should not detract from a person's standing in the community. It is just downright wrong to dig up these old cases that have no bearing on what this man could possibly do to help straighten this city up.

Before I tell you that you're a moron, let me point out why:

What I posted on Toledo Talk about Opal Covey is irrelevant to the topic.

Yes it is - it goes to your credibility - if you want to be calling me names, I will use your own words to let folks know the caliber of person you are and what kind of things motivate you to post.

personally do not care for P.R.E.Z.

Then what's your problem?

I do not think a person's past record should automatically disqualify them from holding office.

That in and of itself is moronic - Carty recently gave a city job that involved getting behind the wheel to a man who'd had 14 previous DUI's. This man went out and got drunk, and showed up to work the next day with a blood alcohol level still above the legal limit and drove a city vehicle - putting people at risk and the city at risk of costly litigation. Do you think it might be a good idea to have taken the man's prior record into consideration before giving him a job that involved driving a city vehicle?

Further, you say Anything short of murder,rape,arson,treason or any other truly serious crime should not detract from a person's standing in the community

How bout assault? does that count, genius??

And the words "automatically disqualify" are yours not mine. My words said that his prior record 'concerns' me. Im willing to hear more, but the issue does need to be brought into the light - if the man has a history of passing bad checks, and he is seeking a position where he has access to our money.

So in your words again, do you really think that this has no bearing on what this man could possibly do to help straighten this city up?

Sorry pal, but you're wrong. And again - you're a moron. You were booted off another site for being a moron, and you havent changed.

"How bout assault? does that count genius??" You knucklehead did I ever say that assault was not a serious crime? Furthermore I have never heard of a city council member actually cutting a check for anything. They vote to authorize money to be spent by the city but they do not have direct access to taxpayers funds you knucklehead. Grow up!

Dude, you're starting to bore me.

As always, let me use your own words to point our your stupidity since it's so damn easy:

YOU SAID Anything short of murder,rape,arson,treason or any other truly serious crime should not detract from a person's standing in the community

In the report from the newspaper I posted it said that this man's record included: criminal trespass, vandalism and assault. All the charges were dropped, except assault, which was reduced to a peace bond violation, to which he pleaded no contest.

Any more questions you frigging retard? You really do make yourself look more stupid every time you open your pie hole.

"and he is seeking a position where he has access to our money." Where did you ever get the idea a Toledo city council member has access to our money? Your own words make YOU look more ignorant of the facts than ever. Do you actually believe a member of council can write him/herself a check to be drawn from taxpayer funds? You are really sloooooow dude. Get a life.

Wow - things are so much more civil sense we can't curse anymore...


right on

just beautiful...we're getting so close to becoming Detroit

...more than 2 speeding tickets in my 37 years of life, I don't consider it to be too much to ask my govt. "public servants" to have crime-free backgrounds. On the same note, I also don't think it's okay to tell someone to simply SHUT UP (sarge).

Regardless, I will not be voting for any of these "Teamwork Toledo" people.

First of all, I would like to say that it is always good to question the past and present of our elected officials or candidates who seek office. I applaud all of us here who would take the time to determine what is important to us in a public servant and what is not. Clearly, that is different for everyone. I can only comment about what I know is important to me and that is transperancy and integrity. The fact of the matter is that P.R.E.Z. made it clear to many of us that this story would be told when he announced his candidacy. That is, those of us who have been following his candidacy closely. He was forthright, honest and detailed about the events that took place. He has taken the time to respond to this on his website at He welcomes your questions and concerns in an open dialogue.

For what it's worth, perhaps not much to some of you, I know P.R.E.Z to be a man who is inspired to help this city. If you would give him the oppotunity to gain your respect or any of the Teamwork Toledo team, you will see that all of these men, and Tricia, are in this for the right respresent YOU. I encourage all of us to challengen them, and hold them to standards...but also give them a fair opportunity to respond and clarify before any jugement is made. I am positive that this city can be a better place with new leadership!

of anyone that would start a campaign for public office without realizing that something like this was bound to come out. On the other hand, if they had been up front about it and demonstrated a record of positive achievement (and I don't mean simply staying out of jail) I could see looking past youthful indiscretions that took place fifteen years ago.

I never will be able to run for public office. The cops caught me peeing behind the gas station next to Roxanne's 25 years ago! I really had to go...really! That one incident has scared me for life like a scarlet letter around my neck.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Damn KraZyKat, I won't tell you where I peed cause I never got caught! :)

Seriously, as far as Washington goes, the Free Press was straight up on his record from the git-go. I knew about it. I used to be a Democrat till I got educated. People change. I don't pee there anymore.

All I said is that the man's record was a CONCERN. I never denegrated the man, but I do still stand behind what I say, and I do have some questions:

Ive briefly scanned the site, and I dont see what P.R.E.Z. stands for. If you are using an acronym, why not let people know it's meaning, if you are referring to yourself by it?

As far as Sherry's comment on people changing, I do believe that as well, but havent we Toledoans been drawn into that before? (do the words 'a kinder, gentler' Carty ring any bells?) I belive in giving someone the benefit of the doubt, BUT that being said, I dont believe that means a free pass without scrutiny.

There IS a past, and if we're not free to discuss it then that HAS to seal the deal in a negative manner. If we can talk it out, then things may be different.

If you checked out your mechanic in the BBB and found an unresolved issue where it appears he ripped off someone, would you still go to him,or would you look elsewhere.

This is no mechanic, this is someone who would in part hold the reins to $200,000,000 in bugetary funds, and Im sorry if people have a problem with my wanting to take a close look at the people who want to take hold, but that's just the way it's gonna be.

Has anyone ever checked Phil Copeland out? Isn't he the one who was/is being investigated by the US Department of Labor, and the person with the tax problems? I say check them ALL out, not just P.R.E.Z.

G-Man - NOW 'yer TALKIN!!!

Check em ALL out!! There've been WAY too many people over the years who've gotten a free pass.

Not only background checks, but ones that are identical to those given any public employee-drug screens included. You cannot get a job shoveling s**t in Lucas County unless you PASS a drug screen.

conjured a thought...

is it possible, as Toledo voters, to be able to petition a referendum of some sorts to vote on election day a change to the charter that mandates any person wishing to run for public office within the confines of Toledo city proper, to file the results of a drug test (properly and overseen by an authorized source at the candidate's expense) along with the petition when filing for candidacy?

Then subject elected members of the government administration to random drug testing?

Just curious...


Harley, now you're just grasping at straws because you've got nothing to say. Ive made my point and if you read the other posts directed toward you, others agree. Im done with you troll - back to the trailer park under the bridge with you, soft tail

I have seen not one post that agrees with you. You are the one disrupting things on here so if anyone is a troll it is you. You have not answered my question: Where did you ever get the simple minded idea that a member of council can write bad checks at the taxpayer's expense? Answer my question or shut up dummy.

your words again:

Where did you ever get the simple minded idea that a member of council can write bad checks at the taxpayer's expense?

Please use the copy/paste function to show me where I said that.

What Im saying is if this person has chosen to line his pockets illegally once already, why shouldnt we take a hard look at that before putting him in a council position? Council may not be able to write themselves checks (God, lets hope not) but they can use their influence to illegally benefit themselves, and it's been done before. Do you remember the name Bob McCloskey?

Back to the trailer, scooter.

Bob McCloskey is the perfect example.

and to think the boy didn't havea record when he got elected.

the time has come where citizens are about tired of self-serving grandstanders and carpetbaggers making up the rules that suit themselves and not the community.

So how does it feel to have your own personal idiot?

trade ya!

Well, thanks for the offer to swap idiots, but as a gentleman Ive got to point out something about yours that you may not have considered, and I'll give you the option to recind your offer:

The summer holiday/party/drinking season is upon us.

That being said, and knowing the past record of your idiot, and knowing where to go look up the statistics, what are the odds that sometime very soon your idiot will:

*Become Drunk?
*Get behind the wheel of a car?

And if these should happen, (which is likely), again - knowing your idiots past record and the statistics of people with such a record, what are the odds that:

*He'll get caught?
*He'll wreck?
*He'll kill himself?
or unfortunately,
*he'll kill someone else?
*All of the above?

SO - thinking about all of the above, what are the odds that you'll even HAVE an idiot to trade with by summer's end?

If you still want to trade, I'll take you up on it, but as a pal, I'll extend to you the right to recind your offer.

Lemme know ;)

By the way I just noticed that you are posting your nonsense on here at all hours of the day and night. It seems you don't have a job and should not worry about how taxpayers money is spent. Otherwise you would not be able to post your babble at all hours. So take your welfare computer and donate it to an education center somewhere and use it for a tax write off. Your computer would do a lot more good teaching a young person computer skills than for you to sit around getting drunk and trying to harass others.

Kinda funny - a knucklehead is a kind of harley, isnt it?

as is a panhead and a soft tail. Rolling turds, every one:

and no, Im college educated and gainfully employed, and contributing FAR too much to the tax system - no welfare here.

Take care, retard.

My grandfather had a name for college educated people who act as stupid as you do: "A well educated fool." By the way when DO you work?

I am quoting YOU: "I am not asking to be put in charge of a 200 million dollar budget with a past record of passing bad checks." Are you implying, which it seems you are, that should P.R.E.Z. be elected to city council he would somehow be placed in charge of 200 million dollars that he could pass bad checks on? These are your words and not mine. I am just trying to clarify exactly what you meant by this statement. You have to remember that Mr. Washington, should he be elected, would not be the only member of council and last I heard would not be allowed to write a check for one red cent on the City Of Toledo's behalf. Please clarify this for me and the other folks here at Swampbubbles.

Posted on Swampbubbles on 7/01 at 5:52 a.m 10:21 a.m. and 10:28 a.m. You posted on Toledo Crybabies oh, I mean Toledo Talk at 9:52 a.m. 1:11 p.m. and 2:30p.m. Exactly when do you have time to work? You seem to spend most of it on the computer.

the time Billy works or spends on his computer is important to this thread how? Also, the only one who seems to be crying about Toledo Talk is Sarge. Who is the crybaby?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb


How many people who've been kicked off a site still read that site?

HA, HA, and didja like my post?? Should I paste it here?


Not that I owe you a thing in this world - except maybe this:

I'll explain it to you - I'll type slowly since you're such a fugging moron that it might be hard for you to understand.

Throughout the day I have to run a number of programs that gather current information off of our system at work, and communicate this info to our purveyors.

Gathering this info puts a tax on the system such that if I work on another screen it could either A: crash the program, or B: just make it take an inordinately long time for BOTH functions to perform.

SO - the easiest thing to do is during the 2-5 minutes that these various programs take to run, I can do one of several things:

*stare at the little cartoon hourglass while it clocks
*go pee pee
*pull up my emails on my other monitor and answer them
* take a smoke break as some of my coworkers (including my boss) do, but that would mean I'd have to take up smoking, and I dont wish to do so.
*make phone calls, but that's not really an option because most phone calls would necessitate me going in to the system that's tied up.
*OR - if Im all caught up with everything, I can go out to my other monitor and see what my favorite little retard is saying about me out here on SB!

Since Ive got more than one monitor going, I can keep an eye on the program that's running, and as soon as it's been run, I can pop out of whatever Im doing on one monitor and get back to other things.

Is that something you can understand, or should I find a 6 year old to translate?



Billy was this worth the time to post this?

Continuing to try to get Billy to answer my question about the ability of a member of council to write bad checks. I will leave this subject alone. This is my last post on this topic. Again my sincere apology if I have made a nuisance of myself.

Hey billy-a flathead is also another kind of harley!

Why aren't you man enough to answer my question? Where did you ever get the idea a member of Toledo city council can write checks at the city's expense?

he hides behind a child's screename and talks trash to people.

When asked to reveal his true name, he retreats into still another round
of mud-slinging.

I doubt seriously that he will answer your question. Don't waste time on this knucklehead.

callin' 'em as I see 'em,

Paul Liberty

see you at  BASH AT THE BAY '09 !!!!!!!!!!

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