Ben Konop heckled at press conference

If you did not see this, check it out. Ben Konop was heckled at his press conference over the weekend. What do you think about what the heckler was saying? I thought it was Tom Morrisey at first :) Thats fair...

For the low down, please see:

Update 7/31 - Konop makes MSN

Flash video:

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That's hilarious.

I think the lack of substance of the heckler makes it that more funny.

I don't think Ben has any type of a shot on this race right now, so why waste the time when I could be swimming...

I cannot even understand what the heckler is saying, much less comment on what I think about it.

Love or hate the candidate, the heckler was annoying, rude, and went too far.

Ben should have moved his groupies down the street.

At least someone had the guts to call him out. He is a liar.

Lord knows the Toledo media wasn't calling him out.


thats a rough video. talk about a buzzkill for ben

I was the heckler. My name is Max. Ben Konop used to "hang" out with our group of friends. I know Ben and his lies. this is not a BOY we should have running anything. About the only thing he is good at is running lies out of his mouth. On Sunday when the cameras were out he knocked on doors to address this water main issue , after the cameras had packed up, he and his lackeys took off. so much for caring huh Ben. He knocked on 5 maybe 6 doors. You are a thief and liar . I will heckle again. Thank you: the Toledo Heckler.

And just to add some insight on this. I was on my porch before anyone showed up. They stood in my yard and trampled some of my flowers that I planted to help beautify my neighborhood ...... no apologies and showed no respect for the garden. As for not coming down when Ben and his crony called me out, I stated he was a liar , we all know the bull he's pushed , what more do you want to ask me? I will give you this Ben..... you make the perfect politician with all your hand shaking and baby kissing, lies and all the t.v. time you can get. You are a fake and a fraud. Boo you Ben Konop, Boo you.


of the hat to you Max if you are the real heckler :) I enjoyed it although other than liar and boo, I could not make out what was being said.

this happened right across the street from my house, and in fact my neighbor is named Max. totally mind blowing!

And to think you could have been out there hackling from the other side...Heckling in stereo!

Good job Max.

I don't blame you one bit. If more Toledoans stopped taking the cr ap that is shoveled to them by the Bland and the party bosses then it would be a much better town.

Keep on hecklin!


came out looking the better for it, including Konop and the guy from Deliverance yelling from the porch.

And what's with the comments about Maggie Thurber in the posted blog link? LOL, wow.

"Online' heckling?

Did not realize I had a Banjo up on the porch with me? I love how some people are criticizing me for even being on the porch. Maybe McCaskey doesn't have a porch and is jealous? Un-like Ben , I work for a living (Honestly) and did not find the time on my day off to shave. Hey McAss-ey got a razor?

it looks very nice.

You had your fun and I don't particularly care one way or another about your methods, other than I'm pretty sure it takes more guts to make a real statement in a real forum about your reasons for disliking Konop than hollerin' from a porch.

But, you''re the hero of the moment for some, so you enjoy the spotlight.

Someone should mount two or three remote controlled BOO machines everywhere he speaks.


That heckler is annoying. I'll admit I laughed sitting here watching it, but it also made me feel like I was back in school watching the lousy subs deal with my annoying classmates. But yeah that heckler just needs to go back to his toy chest and find something better to do with his time.

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