Official announcement of Toledo Science Center's new, permanent name and logo design unveiling

When: Monday, June 29 at 10:30 a.m.

Who: Robert C. Savage, vice chair of the Toledo Science Center and chair of
the Create a Great Name Committee;

Lori Hauser, the center's Executive Director;

Dave Waterman, chairman of Toledo Science Center's board.

Where: Toledo Science Center building at One Discovery Way, downtown Toledo

After months of work and thousands of suggestions from the public, the
Toledo Science Center, formerly COSI Toledo, has a permanent name.

"The name really does a great job of describing exactly what our science
center is all about," said Robert C. Savage, chair of the Create a Great
Name Committee. "Eleven different individuals suggested the name during our
call for entries."

More than 2,000 names were suggested by people of all ages during the naming
process. Names were entered online, mailed, e-mailed and faxed. The
20-member Create a Great Name Committee reviewed all the entries and
narrowed the field. It sent a short list of name ideas to the Science
Center's Board of Trustees who made the final selection.

Visual: New name and new logo displays and unveiling.

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No offense, but I think it was a dumb & pointless idea to change the name of COSI. Same place, same everything - but it's still always going to be COSI, and the new name does not speak to what it is - a science center for kids. That new name sounds generic - industrial, cold - nothing about it appeals to children. I would not see that name & think "what a cool place to take the kids to!". With COSI, that was the image people got when they saw or heard the name - science fun for kids. Nothing about the new name will entice kids to want to go there. COSI either was successful or it was not. Changing the name will not increase admissions.

What IS it with this trend of re-naming things, locations, diseases??? They changed the name of Swine Flu so as to not offend the pork industry - and the new name tells you nothing, it's letters & numbers that mean nothing - a lot of people know what it is, but a lot of people will not know what it is, so therefore, as the name for a disease, it was very counterproductive to re-name this disease.

They want to re-name the North End. All sorts of silly, nonsensical new names have been proposed, but it looks like the 'winning name' will be something absurd like "Polaris One". NOBODY who has ever lived in the Toledo area will ever call it that - it will ALWAYS be the North End, just like it wlll always be the South End, West Side, East Side. Polaris is the name of a snowmobile I think, and our North End has NOTHING to do with Polaris, or the Northern star. It's a silly name they hope that will make the North End sound nicer, gentler, kinder, fresher. It's the SAME place folks - changing the name won't change the place. That takes people & time & work to accomplish that. I would think that people who grew up or live in the North End would be outraged by this new name change - re-inventing the history of the neighborhood with a name change? Dispite it's current bad reputation, I think it's rich in history.

Out of curiosity, since they changed the name of the Franklin Park Mall to Westfield Shopping Town (or whatever it's called now) - what do people call it? Everybody I know, sitll calls it Franklin Park Mall.

Starling -

They had to change the name. If they kept the COSI name, they would have to pay the folks at COSI Columbus to use it. And since we're all paying for our Science Center whether we wanted to or not, I'd prefer not to send the money to Columbus.

Regardless, I'm sure it will be completely underwhelming. Hopefully the good citizens of Lucas County will see what a waste this tax levy is next time around.

the kids. They should have included these names

Imagination Station

Really? That's the best they could come up with? How very original. Actually, might there be an issue with these folks?

Imagination Station, huh? I like it....

We can call it "Taxation Station" instead......

I wonder if COSI's new name, "IMAGINATION STATION" is an infringement of copyright or trademark by Focus on the Family, kids' radio program, "ADVENTURES in ODYSSEY". If not, it is certainly plagiarism. Does that mean that they won't be held accountable because plagiarism for a good cause is different than other kinds of plagiarism? Do I smell a double standard?

had I known they were trying to come up with a logo I would have championed a design of a dollar bill being lit on fire.


I could have sworn we defeated this levy twice....Oh wait...

"But it was just my imagination
running away with me.
It was just my imagination
running away with me..."
- The Temptations

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

I stand by my first comment about name changes - but admit that I "mis-spoke' (politicans love that word) on two counts - 1) I misunderstood what the new name would be & 2) I did not realize there were legal reasons a new name was needed.

That said, when I read in the Blade it was to be called "The Imagination Station", my first thought was that I'd heard that name before, but couldnt remember where. I told my husband that I wouldn't be surprised if a lawsuit for copyright infringement wasn't on the horizon. A local families kids "thought up" this name (like they are brilliant) - but you'd think their (very smart, the Blade said so) parents would have thought to google it before submitting it. Or, that somebody at COSI has somebody with brains enough to do so.

At any rate - it's a toss up if they get sued for copyright infringement I guess, because there's so MANY businesses with this same name. (not original at all).
A quick google on my own nudged my memory on the "Imagination Station" that was on the tip of my tongue - a kids television program that is STILL running (along with books of the same name).

Then you have -

There are pages & pages on google. But I also found an Imagination Station that features naked sleezy women on a photographer's site -

At any rate - not a bad name, but not original & questionable if it abuses copyright laws (could happen I guess). My initial gripe was not the name, per se - it was the logic that if they changed the name of COSI, it'd translate into more admissions & attendance & would be self supporting, to where it would not end up shabby & without funds to bring in new exibits now & then. I don't recall, but i seem to remember that when COSI came to 'be', they said they'd never ask for tax payer dollars, that it'd be self supporting. Seems to me, it's been on the ballot asking for money many times (and wasn't it voted against many times?).
Kind of makes me wonder why votes "matter' when it comes to unetihical & illegal smoking bans, but votes clearly do not matter when it comes to COSI (or what local govt wants).

Every "Start your own business" book recommends that you check your business name against the names registered with the local, state, and federal government to be sure that someone else doesn't own the rights to the name.

The legalities seem to be bound by jurisdiction, however. I once owned and operated a pet store. When I registered the name, I learned that there was a store by that name in another state....but I didn't infringe on that owner's rights to the name, so I was able to keep it. If there were another store by that name in the state of Ohio, AND it was registered with the state, I would not have been able to use the name.

I would hope that the city/COSI trustees and re-namers would have checked on this before issuing a press release, but....

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