Moody "Straightforward" on Conklin and Company

Mayoral candidate Jim Moody, joined by two other mayoral candidates, was the guest of Lee Conklin of WTVG's Conklin and Company today, June 28th. "I think today once again demonstrated why Toledoan's have so much faith in our campaign," said Moody. "I was the only candidate to truly answer the questions asked, instead of speaking scripted talking points. I am concerned that if the other candidates can't answer questions in a straightforward manner as a candidate, what we can expect of them as a Mayor?"

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It must be sad running a campaign knowing you have no chance in hell of winning. Regardless of what you do.

The Toledo voters remind me of the movie Idiocracy.

Maybe Dave Schulz should try to amend the charter to get rid of City Council and replace it with a House of Representin'. That could strike a chord with the electorate.


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