Ward Unveils Campaign Logo

Toledo, OH – The Ward for Council campaign has unveiled the campaign logo.

Ward states, “I wanted a campaign logo that would represent what needs to be done in the city of Toledo. There are many issues and problems that exist, and it is time to take action now! Take action now for all people! Take action now to make our streets safer, provide better schools, and increased economic opportunity for all. Take action now!”

Stephen Ward is the City Council candidate who is taking the Servant Leadership approach to government. He believes the best interest of the people must be the highest priority of City Council. It is not fair to cut salaries, if the city leaders won't first take pay cuts. Stephen Ward leads by example, and is the only candidate who has pledged to donate 20% of his City Council salary back to the city of Toledo to help with the current budget deficit. He has challenged the other candidates to do the same, but so far no one has agreed.

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