....What makes president of council important today is the Mayoral recall on the ballot in November (thank God). If Carty is voted out, we will have a space filler for about a month until the new mayor is sworn in in January. The space filler is the president of council. This person will have to resign his seat, and lose the remainder of his term as he fills in for the recalled mayor.

Given Carty’s dismal numbers, this is likely.

What makes no sense is that Michael Ashford is willing to give up the two years left on his term to be mayor for a month – and a powerless mayor at that.

McNamara is up for re-election this November, so if he were to be president of council and fill in for Carty, he would not be missing anything were Carty recalled.

My question is this: Does a council person owe something to his constituents? Is it not the right thing to do to finish out a term? Is it wrong to abandon constituents and force an unrepresented district to choose another councilperson in a special election in May? Pledge or no pledge, isn’t this an ugly and illogical powergrab?

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if the City Charter could be amended so that the newly elected Mayor could be seated early in the case of the recall of Carty?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Unless you figure in the stats for an incumbent vs a new face.

think about the stats for voters in toledo. they're sheep and they dont EVER do their homework. (grad'd from TPS, go figure).

The same ol, same ole has gone on for generations here, so maybe it does make sense.

It's not a given the vote for Council President will take place today, it depends on when Mark Sobczak's resignation is tendered for that, secondly, Ashford could run for a special election for his seat if he did become Council president and the recall happened. Someone would be temporarily appointed and a special election would take place.

So he could potentially not be out of office for two years. Then there is the interesting saga of term limits...Since that could count as an "interruption" it appears that if he were to run in a special election the term limit time clock would start anew.

Kat, a charter change would not be able to take place without voter approval, so it's not likely that would happen.

We don't remember days only moments...

Thanks for weighing in Lisa.

The fact is, Ashford was elected by his district to be their council rep. By attempting to be mayor for a month he is shirking his responsibilities.

What's messed up is that Ashford's district is going to have an unelected council person foisted on them by council for a period of time.

His district didn't elect him to try to be Mayor for a month and take a break unitl May.

Is it is understandable he'd want to be Council President again and the only way it becomes a problem is if the recall passes. Which now is a moot point because he is not seeking the President spot - until January.

We don't remember days only moments...

I was just gonna post about this.

I found out last night after the council meeting that Ashford had bowed out.

Kudos to Mr. Ashford for making a wise move.

I even updated just for you, Lisa.

As Miss Branch once said, "Are you happy now?" hahha


We don't remember days only moments...

you kinda just described Ben Konof's mayoral campaign as well

in this latest round of musical chairs, if that scene would play out.

District 4 has been under Michael Ashford's control and non-performance for a long time, and Shankland would be a breath of fresh air for constituents in that district. He has been running for District 4 council seat for as long as I can remember,
and is a self-employed businessman.

He would bring a fresh perspective to a council that badly needs one.

He could tell you how "business-friendly' this town really is......

Dear God!

Terry Shankland is nothing new. He is a perennial 2% of the vote waste

He also is no different than Carty. The old breath of musty air has the same attitude and jerk-complex.

Two years ago at the Polish festival, my wife approached him to sign a petition. he apparently didn't like our cause and as he was walking away he told my wife to "go to hell."

When he came back out I confronted him and he started getting mad, as his wife dragged him away.

We have enough hotheads on council already.

"During the Lagrange Street Polish Festival earlier in July, Morrissey said he and District 4 Toledo City Council candidate Terry Shankland had a confrontation after Morrissey’s wife accused Shankland of saying, “Go to hell,” after she asked him if he was a registered voter in Toledo.

“[Shankland] just denied it and got pretty mad about it and said my wife was lying to me,” Morrissey said. “He caused a pretty big scene as he was shouting at me.”

Shankland confirmed the altercation, but denied he ever said anything harsh to Morrissey’s wife.

“I don’t tell blondes to go to hell,” Shankland said."

Just do what the rest of us do with Sarge (aka Harley before getting kicked off other blogs under that name)

Ignore him. He's also a big supporter of Opal Covey.

Thomas wasn't replying to Sarge, he was replying to (name censored to prevent further inciting unstable individual)


Swear to God there was one out there saying Shankland deserved a shot!!

Thomas, back me up here!!

ha ha

pertaining to that, but it was made by (name censored to prevent further inciting unstable individual).

I think you got "Troll-itis". It's when all the trolls start "looking" alike...

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