Second WTOL and Blade Roundtable

If you missed the second WTOL/Blade roundtable, like myself, you can see it here or on WTOL's Web site: (includes interactive live blog) and here for the video.
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WTOL is doing a great service to toledo... these round tables really give a lot of insight into each of the candidates personalities. some of these guys sure are smarmy

Thanks for putting that up. I noticed a few things, Moody made a point that we need to be concerned with Toledo residents, befre anyone else (when he was refering to city council) but yet he lives in Sylvania Township and 2 of the candidates that are running for council also live in sylvania township. (There address is technically in Toledo, but part of the Sylvania school system). I just found that ironic.

Keith was pandering to the unions so bad it wasn't even funny. I did enjoy how Konop called him on the old boy network.

Personally i liked Bell the best, he just said what he had to say regardless of how someone percived it, in my opinion he was just calling things as he see's them.

All of them had some decent idea's though.

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