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I was just told by a friend of mine about an addictions program at Lewis Avenue Baptist Church called Reformers Unanimous International. It is held every Friday at 7:00 p.m. The founder and president of RUI is named Steve Curington. From what I was told Curington is shown at the beginning of each meeting in a video. My friend says he appears to be a wild-eyed nut who claims divine intervention from God and that God showed him how to create this program. Curington and his cohorts claim to have a 75% success rate of "curing" people of substance abuse problems. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of this program and its founder? Are they on the up and up?

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Because it is faith based, you oppose it? It is well organised

Well organized too. He led his followers to disaster in the jungle of Guyana. I watched the video of principle 1 and I wonder why Mr. Curington cannot keep his hands still. He seems to use a lot of body English. Kind of manic it seems.

Ru at Lewis Avenue is just one option for you. If you don't like Currington, there others willing to help you with your addictions.

I've seen Steve Currington speak in person. He has a very compelling testimony. He was going to be a preacher and go to Bible college, but put it off a year after graduating high school. From there he fell into addiction and hit rock bottom as he almost died in a car wreck. He's dedicated his life to helping addicts and is doing a great job.

I personally have seen the product of his program, and from what i have observed, RU is a great option for getting out of the pits of addiction.

It's a shame that you would knock an option for addicts to get help based on the way a man looks. Lives have been changed, big bucks are not being made by helping people break the chains of addiction, and you are treating Reformers like a criminal enterprise. - exemplified by the use of the word "cohort" and the tone of your post.

Perhaps you should go to Lewis Avenue and find out what it's all about.

Lewis Ave Baptist Church
6320 Lewis Ave.
Temperance, MI

Corner of Lewis and Smith, just across the state line.

That after Curington spent all his money on drugs when he was young he is now trying to exploit the addictions of others to recoup some of his losses.


bashing a former addict trying to help others break free. Now that's a new low.


God tells him to help addicts and you have a problem.

God tells Opal Covey to run for mayor a million times and you believe she's the direction she needs!


I work in Rockford, IL for RU doing Web Development and design. Any information you want/need about our program can be found at

Also, it is an 82% success rate, not 75%. And it is not a "cure," it is a walk with Jesus that keeps you free. If you fail there, you will fail in your addiction.

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