Mayor seeks independent study of West Toledo fire

I wonder if Carty can remember he had the color coded fire hydrants painted over? If this had been a white family there would be little said.

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Maybe we should elect Carty as the new president of the George Wallace fan club. Somehow I suspect this panel will try to blame the fire on the victims.


Laural, the 5 words in your subject just sent shivers up my spine

of the family have to this devastating fire? Temperance Tom, thank God you are in Temperance. You are one sick person.

Purnhrt, do not attack TT. He or she obviously understands that black people have had a previleged life for several centuries. For instance, what other group in this country had free room, board and full employment for over 300 yrs. They were given their own separate drinking fountains and restrooms, and they didn't choose where they lived. The society was even nice enough to keep them from living in areas they wouldn't feel comfortable. Jobs that they acquired didn't require a great deal of mental effort and when they went home they had a rich family environment spending time with their immediate family and immediate neighbors. I praise TT for the encouragement he/she is giving to all of us to make this a better nation.

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