History Documented founders Chris Wulf and Rick Neeley will be on WSPD with Fred LeFebvre

July 3rd 2009 at 730am History Documented founders Chris Wulf and RIck
Neeley will be on WSPD with Fred LeFebvre in the morning. We are hoping to
show that there is still pride to be found in Toledo. The men and women who
helped shape Toledo into a formidable city are slowly passing away. One of
our many goals is to show area children there are many heros, and many
elders still among us that can truely be called "American Idols".

*About www.Historydocumented.com *

*"Late in 2007, Toledo natives Chris Wulf and Rick Neeley discovered their
shared passion for history and began asking area war veterans to convey
their stories. They founded History Documented, and gave local veterans the
opportunity to document their war experiences." **Toledo Free Press**

History Documented is motivated by the urgent need to collect the
historically important stories and experiences of our revered war veterans
while they are still among us. History Documented is an educational internet
resource that teachers, students, and anyone interested in history can
access. It brings to life firsthand accounts of historical events. It gives
faces and names to those local veterans who lived through world shaking
events recorded on the written pages of history.

All finished interviews are posted on History Documented.com. Copies are
also sent to the University of Toledo's Canaday Center and the Library of
Congress’s Veterans History Project.**

**Our goal and purpose of this website is to ensure that history will
never again be forgotten and lost for future generations. We want to take
our past and pass the knowledge on to future generations.***

*We use the best video production techniques currently available to us in
order to document our veterans’ history. We use this oral history technique
in order to add enjoyment to education.*

*We feel that many veterans are forgotten, not to mention their stories. We
want the world to know the hardships the United States has suffered in order
to guard us from foreign evils. We simply overlook our freedom in this
country, and the sacrifices so many men and women have given us.*

*We support our troops, Past and present.***

-- Chris Wulf Founder www.Historydocumented.com

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