Toledo Doesn't Make Top Ten - No longer An All American City

The world outside Toledo has made a definitive statement. Carty Finkbeiner and his crew of distorted propagandist could not fool the judges at the All American City Competitions like they did at the Most Livable City Competitions. Toledo did not make the top ten despite Carty's effort once again to present to the world his halloutionated view of the city he says he loves so much. Instead of focusing on real issues, here he goes again trying to pad his legacy with accomplishments that don't fit reality. It appears he considers the citizens of Toledo a joke. We have to drive our cars on almost impassable streets, suffer the burden of double-digit umemployment, give the crimminals more opportunity to steal from us or possibly kill us, and watch our homes burn to the ground while we try to save our life's treasures with a garden hose. It seems he has his priorities all mixed up. All the more reason this man should be given a one way ticket to somewhere else. I can't wait to November to cast my vote to get this embarassemnt out of office.

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From throwing out the Marines, to the parking tickets, to the fact that Carty didn't even fly from Toledo Express to get there.... All it took the judges was 2 minutes on a Google search to realize Toledo wasn't a finalist.

Toledo IS an All-American city, just not with the current leadership.

no joy in Dudville, Mighty Carty (S**t for Brains) has struck out. . .


Hooda Thunkit

that because he rules this city with his head in the sand that the judges of this esteemed panel didn't watch or read any media.

Because there is no way a panel as prestegeous as the "All-American City Award" judges could have made their decision based solely upon news that residents of an "All-American City" contestant getting tickets in their own driveway plastered all over the world. *cough*

I hope those that donated money for this contingent to even go to Tampa are pleased over Carty and Sue's actions lol

What's with this tag team Carty and Sue? It seems everytime something ridiculous happens, Sue is somehow involved.

Not so shocking actually:

If NPD effects a half a percent of of the population, then in a town this size that would come to a couple thousand people right here in Toledo.

Of those couple thousand, the odds that two of them would become acquainted and work together? I'd say not real surprising.

Read the symptoms and tell me if you think they're both sufferers:

With luck the Dx could be seen to find them unfit to continue in the role they are currently holding.

I read the link and it's right on point.

Toledo will have to rely upon it's third-place showing in the "LivCom Awards" to be the only award left to adorn Carty's mayoral correspondence?

I have always seen these Livable City and All American City awards to be similar to the Whose Who in American_____________(fill in the blank). These 'competitions" draw a lot of cities who send representatives to areas that win the host duties, drumming up valuable tourism/convention dollars--nothing more. It's a money making venture and we are foolish to take part.

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