Ward Responds To Possible City Council Appointment

Toledo, OH – The Lucas County Democratic Party Executive Committee has recommended and supports Steve Steel to be appointed to the City Council seat, which will be vacated by Council President Mark Sobczak following the City Council meeting on June 23.

Ward asserts, “This is an example of how politics are played in Toledo. In the end, it will be the citizens of Toledo who will suffer. I believe the citizens are tired of the status quo, frustrated with the back room politics, and growing weary of their voices not being heard. At what point will Toledo politicians stop making important decisions, without getting the input from the citizens who will be affected by those decisions?”

With the vacant seat on City Council the Republicans are outnumbered by the Democrats 7-3, with one Independent. Therefore, while those on City Council do not have to accept the recommendation of the Lucas County Executive Committee...most likely they will.

Ward states, “While I respect anyone who would like to go into public service; I believe the current process in the city charter does not provide the opportunity for the citizens to select the candidate who they would like to fill the vacant City Council seat. At the end of the day everyone is affected by the issues, both Democrat and Republican...if you are a citizen of Toledo, the issues of Toledo affect you. Therefore, you deserve the right to be involved in the decision making process. Unfortunately, with the City Council appointment, that right has been taken away from you. This is why I did not seek the recommendation of either party to fill the vacant seat. I believe that responsibility should rest in the hearts of Toledo citizens and not in the back room deals of politics. Lastly, it is a disservice to the citizens of Toledo for candidates to put up their signs all over the city, but you never hear the candidate address their platform to the citizens. We must reconsider our methods. It should not be about how many signs a candidate has, but rather the quality of our service and relationship to mankind. To the citizens of Toledo...this election season, please let us not forget about our future and the future of our children. It is time for the citizens of Toledo to say enough is enough. If the politicians won't hear us now, then perhaps they will listen to us when we cast our votes at the polls. It is not about who is the most popular, it is about what is right...if we vote the same, we will get the same. It's time for a change!”

Stephen Ward is the City Council candidate who wants to: Regenerate our safety and security, Resuscitate our economy, schools, and neighborhoods, and Reclaim Toledo for all people. Stephen Ward is the candidate taking a Servant Leadership approach to government, and is the only candidate who has pledged to donate 20% of his City Council salary back to the city of Toledo to help with the current budget deficit if elected. The greatest leader forgets himself, and attends to the development of others.

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