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Mike Bell's campaign signs are decorating some local lawns...I couldn't help but notice that the sign/logo designer added a cracked bell, not unlike the Liberty Bell, in the logo...I don't get the connection. If the Bell team wants to use the Liberty Bell as a symbol of their candidate, what do they want it to symbolize?

The Liberty Bell represents a couple of things: Initially, it stood for freedom from British rule , and later, as an icon of the abolitionist movement.

What is the connection for Bell?
Couldn't the campaign have simply used a bell, sans the fracture, with the same effect?

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Yeh great question. And someone explain the whole flag theme from the obama campaign for me too while you're at it. What does the flag road going through the O stand for? And on the Wilkowski signs why are there stars dotting the i's? Does that mean he has stars in his eyes about the future, does he think he's a star, does he believe in astrology? What the connection between the red, white, and blue used in the Konop signs? What's he trying to symbolize? C.mon someone, this is important stuff.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

We all know that the stars, the flag, the red, white, and blue all signify patriotism, America, etc... and you see Liberty Bells here and there around the Fourth of July...symbolizing independence on...Independence Day, and on the freedom stamps, which give us freedom from having to purchase 1 or 2 cent stamps everytime the post office hikes rates.

But other than the name connection, it doesn't work. The Liberty Bell doesn't carry the same connotations as the flag; it simply represents Freedom. Is it freedom from Carty? Freedom to park on my gravel driveway? Freedom to keep more of my income?

Your the one with the mic and access, ask them, the ones you can get on the show. Don't burn your brain up trying to make a moral, or some kind of patriotic connection. As for the Bell logo I would say his handeling of the cities budget is showing a crack in his leadership up to this point. My Bad Fred I'm a little out of touch on the date...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

if you think that putting out fires qualifies him to be a mayor of a mid-size midwestern town in economic distress.

I think that it is also a tacit admission of his lack of ability and qualifications to do the job.
It seems that he had to be talked into running for mayor.

Of course then, what qualifies the one that is there now ?

shouldn't you be driving drunk and speeding through a school zone in a government vehicle?


while taking the Lord's name in vain.


taking the Lord's name in vain" ??????????????

switch to thorazine, STAT !

smoking preference?

Strange...a guy with Bell as his last name picked American's most famous bell as his symbol. What could it all mean?

he is famous, but that his dome is cracked as far as thinking that he can handle the duties of a mayor in a town such as Toledo.

Perhaps we SHOULD get back to a city-manager form of goverment in Toledo...

All that this has denigrated the mayor's race into is a popularity contest.

And what's the deal with Gilligians Island? I mean the professor could cause a nuclear reaction with coconuts but he can't fix a hole in a boat. I mean come on people.

A three hour tour! A three hour tour! It's a good thing they weren't paying by the hour.


when you are on your meds.

Meds level out your thoughts !

Bell's signs are some of the weakest political signs I have ever seen. The person who selected the design should be fired!

Jim Moody's Obama rip off signs are much better!

Rip off

 You say Potato , I say Potahto , 


Who did Obama rip off their logo from:

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

While Obama is "The Choice of a New Generation", Pepsi's updated symbol came after Obama's.


let's compare it to Pepsi Old logo...

Now let's flip Pepsi's logo verticaly and overlay Obama's logo... 

Look familiar? 

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

And if I punch myself in the eye and squint really small I can make out Alph from the 80’s sitcom.

Moody’s current logo looks a lot more like Obama’s then Obama’s logo looks like 80’s Pepsi.

I never noticed. Thanks Kat.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Excellent! I am going to use this in a class this fall! Thanks for posting it!

Thank you sensorG, you stole the words out of my mouth. His name is Mike BELL and he uses a bell as a logo... seems obvious to me.

All right, already... seems that most of you find me guilty of committing the stupid question crime, otherwise known as the making a "Duh!" post.

When pondering the responses, I realized that this is the sort of question I might take into my classroom to demonstrate and instigate semiotic analysis--the study of signs and signifiers, modality ,denotation and connotation, and syntagmatic and paradigmatic representations as defined by the cultrure in which the sign is used. DUH!

What does a bell MEAN? What does a Liberty Bell MEAN? These are professorial questions designed to tweak analysis from budding scholars.My question is not stupid; I just asked it in the wrong place.

Happy be he who takes everything at face value. Why question the obvious?

Mike's logo is rather weak, but that's not the issue. The issue is, does he have the right stuff to be mayor. This is where I'm having difficulty. Mike Bell has been taking some heat about the fire hydrants. The problem with the hydrants was not caused by Mike Bell, but I question his adequate stewardship. In industry, management have teams who focus on minimizing and eliminating property loss and personnel injury. Why didn't Mike Bell step forward and push to keep the identification system. If he were in industry and something like this happened he would have been fired. Some years ago a colleague was supposed to be promoting a seat belt program in the use of forklifts. A fatality occurred because a worker was crushed by a forklift. The worker wasn't wearing his seat belt. If the worker had been wearing his seat belt he may have escaped death with only minor injuries. This colleaugue was 1500 miles away when it happened, but he was fired because his stewardship of this selt belt program was determined to be deficient. The plant manager and a supervisor were also fired. We can't fire Mike Bell because he is no longer the Toledo fire chief, but slowly we are learning that we need to seriously question his ability to be mayor. Mike is a nice guy, but nice guys can't let people be in danger as a result of their lack of stewardship.

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