Iranian Turnmoil & Why I agree with Pres. Obama and Sen Kerry

Yes I know it doesn't happen often but I agree with President Obama and Sen. Kerry on the way we are handling Iran during the protests.

Shocking I know. Because it's not often that I can say I agree with these two and not with majority of Republicans but I feel since the begining of his Presidency this is the first time, on a foreign policy issue, where Pres. Obama has operated as I hoped he would.

The pictures and videos coming out of Iran are amazing. It's a country that is choosing to redefine itself. Given the past 30 years this is quite remarkable.

While I don't agree with Sen. Kerry that we shouldn't be involved because it would make us look like "interventionists" I do believe we should stay out of it, at least overtly. Covertly we can send operatives in to influence.

This is the part of a changing Middle East. Had you told anyone 10 years ago that by today Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan would all be democracies with only Afghanistan being the only truly unstable one people would not have believed you. Add in Iran in the midst of change and they would have laughed you out of the room.

But the reality is Iran is faced with some very stable pro-western mostly democracies surrounding it today. It does not surprise me that we're seeing change.

This will have further implications on the Middle East depending on what happens because Hezbollah is primarily funded by Iran. If Iran goes through an ideological change then look for Hezbollah to as well or at least it will lose influence. IMO.

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