Boyce hiring Jack Ford's daughter is one of the issues dogging new treasurer

Dayton Daily News has a story on how the new Treasuer Kevin Boyce is raising eyebrows with some of his hires. Jack Ford's daughter, Jessica Ford was hired for 45k to be the local coordinator. Boyce says political connections had nothing to do with his hiring hiring practices. What do you think?
COLUMBUS — As Ohio’s budget swells with red ink, state Treasurer Kevin Boyce spent $32,469 in taxpayer money on promotional items such as water bottles, grocery bags and pencils and plans to buy another $47,457 in swag plastered with his name.
Boyce hired Jessica Ford, 22, daughter of former Toledo mayor Jack Ford, to run his Toledo community affairs office at an annual salary of $45,011. Early in his career, Boyce served as Jack Ford’s legislative aide in the Ohio House.

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"political connections had nothing to do with hiring"

Umm, yeah, OK. If he thinks everyone is THAT dumb, maybe HE isn't all that bright.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Wow! Someone getting a job because of someone they know! Shocking! Shocking I tell you!

If they do? The questions surround much more than just hiring Ford, it's many others who were hired and the amount spent on promotional materials. It'd be interesting to learn how much was spent on promotional materials before Cordray took office, all the article states is that Boyce is spending less than Cordray did.

I'd be interested in learning more about the qualifications of any of these people since that's not mentioned either. Especially these:

Newton Burris, 36, who is paid $105,019 a year as the treasurer’s economic development director, played football with Boyce at Columbus East High School. Boyce’s scheduler and administrative assistant, Angela Burks, 36, who is paid $67,000, is another friend from high school. Boyce and Burks also knew one another at Columbus City Hall where Burks worked for the mayor while Boyce was a city councilman.

Derek Anderson, 32, who makes $100,006 a year as human resources director, attends St. Paul AME Church with Boyce.

The article doesn't mention their qualifications or experience at all, but gives the reader the impression that all it takes to get hired is to have known Boyce. It's pretty one sided...

We don't remember days only moments...

qualifications of some of those mentioned...

Director of Economic Development: Newton Burris
Newton Burris has spent the last 14 years in the Real Estate Business, the past four he as a part of the Management Team for Coldwell Banker King Thompson, a NRT company and division of Realogy. He also served as a Director for the Columbus Board of Realtors. Newton has an Associates Degree from Columbus State Community College in Small Business Management Technology. Additionally, he holds a B.S in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Franklin University.

Director of Operations: Derek Anderson
Derek has served as Chief of the Division of Real Estate, Land Management and the Division of Recycling and Litter Prevention for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources since 2007. Previously, he served as Executive Director of the Community Property Development Corporation in Columbus. He is a graduate of Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

We don't remember days only moments...

Is this the connections the Bland said Jack Ford knew in Columbus when he got the job with the school district?


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