WSPD News- Ohio Supreme Court Rules On Residency Requirements

The WSPD newsroom is reporting that this morning the Ohio Supreme Court handed down a ruling on the validity of cities requiring employees to reside within the city limits. The court has ruled that municipalities CANNOT require employees to "reside in any specific area of the state".
Dan Wagner will be my guest on Thursday morning to discuss the local implications. WSPD news will have reaction from the city.

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hold onto their nieghborhoods. We are in a battle here near highland park, and determined to hold our own.

or are we actually being forced to take everything to/through the courts to get "da gubmint" to let us do what every other FREE citizen already has the right to do, to get out of town and live where our families can live in relative safety, while we go to work in da ever expanding "hood" of lawlessness?

And, when you van hear gunshots at night in the Southwyck area, what's left, Maumee/Perrysburg or Monclova?

The reason that decent people/families flee is because Toledo seems to have surrendered to the lawless element, or are simply failing to control/suppress their illegal activities/behavior. . .

(That's why I sleep in the part of my house that is most likely to be broken into with a gun at my side.)

Hooda Thunkit

Does this cover elected officials who draw a paycheck from the city?

Toledo did NOT surrender to the lawless element. We surrendered to far worse scum, who dwell in dens of notorious villainy.

I'm talking about unionized government labor.

We ended up with 2/3rds of our already-undermanned police force either driving desks or non-service cruisers. Of all the uniformed and armed cops you THOUGHT you had employed to respond to emergency calls, only 1/3rd became available for that over time. The rest used their unions and regulations and the old-boy network to escape public service and get a 9-5 cop job. Pushing paper. Doing bullshit "community service".

On top of that, despicable Liberal elements became such mewling cowards that they sought to use the illegitimate power of local government to put a stop to the keeping and bearing of firearms by common citizens.

So, when the common citizen starts to really see that if he ever defends himself, the cops are likely to show up only to arrest HIM, he gets the desire to escape this sick society. Lawlessness ONLY proliferates as a result of that.

on Townley Drive this morning.

I think that even the Fink is going to move out of Toledo now !

Toledo's loss = Perrysburg's gain.
- nothing.

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