U.S. proposes ban on almost all pocket knives


Occasionally I will carry a small knife tool. The govt keeps reaching further into our lives.
U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has proposed revoking earlier rulings that assisted opening knives are not switchblades. The proposed new rule would not only outlaw assisted opening knives, its broad definition of a switchblade would also include one-handed opening knives and could be easily interpreted to cover most other pocket knives, even simple old-fashioned slip-joints.

Note that CBP's interpretation of the Federal Switchblade Act forms the basis for national, state and even local law and judicial rulings in many cases. This ruling by CBP is NOT limited to just imports. This WILL affect virtually everyone who carries a pocket knife, no matter the type!

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I can't wait to be an outlaw because I have the audacity to carry a Leatherman.

Cutting edge liberalism... scrap it!

My husband rarely goes anywhere without a pocket knife of some sort. He's a big fan of the aforementioned Leatherman. He has a small collection of scrimshaw handled and other artisan knives as well as everyday ones and of course the ubiquitious Swiss Army knives. They can be practical and utiliarian or a work of art. There are many, many more guys walking around with a pocket knife than most people realize.

"There are many, many more guys walking around with a pocket knife than most people realize."

I'd agree 110%, and even go further to cut the gender off that comment! There are many more WOMEN who carry pocket knives or knives of some sort than people realize.

I know my mom carries my father's old grand dad pocket knife in her purse, and my wife carries this Leatherman:


...and wouldnt be without it. I have three ladies on my team at work, and I just asked them - two have something with a blade on it in their purse - one was a leatherman clone, and the other looked like a tiny box cutter.

And as with most men who carry pocketknives, NONE of them carry blades for protection - heck, if someone held me up, by the time I pulled out my pocketknife and opened the blade up, he'd be laughing at me...

They're TOOLS folks - Yes they used box cutters to bring down the flights on 9-11, but they could've used screw drivers, hammers, whatever...

This issue needs to go away quickly, and the people who are bringing it up need to go away at the next election.

I think the government tried something like this in England, where it may be illegal to carry any kind of pocket knife.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

from my cold dead hand.


Billy, you are absolutly right ! I keep a "generic" leatherman on my desk at work, i keep 2 in my purse, a couple in the car, but i don't have one on my key chain yet, i like the one you posted (thank you). I even used to have a large collection. There are many women who like and use knives. There are also many women that love firearms as well!

TM, your post reminds me of a girl I used to date many years ago. She carried one or more knives too, and she was good with a knife.

Turns out my very own Main Lady was a little better.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

U.S. proposes take the right decision and i show gratitude here you have share such a nice information and i am waiting for new updates please keep sharing keep it up.


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