Moody Details Plan For Government Transparency - updated

On Tuesday, June 9th at 10:30 am on the steps of One Government Center, mayoral candidate Jim Moody will detail specific plans that will guarantee an increase in transparency with regards to Toledo city government.

Stated Moody, "For the citizens of Toledo to have faith in its government, for unions to understand the fiscal condition of the city and for Council to understand the will of its constituents, Toledo government must be transparent and participatory. Our administration again leads any candidacy in protecting the citizens of Toledo."

"A Moody Administration will demand that real time accounting occur, and that the City's income and expenditures be posted on the City's website that are easily understandable," said Moody. "Toledo citizens will be able to read all legislative proposals well in advance of being voted on."


A More Transparent Toledo
Jim Moody
Candidate For Toledo Mayor

For Toledo City Government to truly work for the citizens of Toledo, it must be accountable, transparent and participatory. To that end, we must use every means possible, either through advancing technology or mainstream media, to involve as many citizens as possible. No matter what forum transparency takes, a more open discussion should provide more insight, provoke discussion (maybe even anger) and encourage greater citizen participation. One of the first issues I raised when I announced my candidacy was that Toledo City Government had to be more accessible to its citizens, more readily accountable and transparent.

To that end, I propose the City of Toledo implement the following policies, as soon as possible;

. Budget Transparency

Many of the neighbors that I have met during the campaign are frustrated and fed up with their inability to track and understand Toledo's budget and budgeting process. To that end, a Moody Administration will demand that real time accounting occur, and that the City's income and expenditures be posted on the City's website thereby being easily understandable. An excellent model that seems to be working is in Nashville, Tenn.

Legislative Transparency

Few can argue that a more participatory and open legislative process and body leads to better government. That is why I propose our legislative actions be promoted through a special website and blog entitled MYOPENTOLEDO. MYOPENTOLEDO will serve at least four functions.

Access all Legislation. Now Toledo citizens will be able to read all legislative proposals well in advance of being voted on. Additionally, each legislative initiative will have a vehicle that will allow accountable ‘blog style' commentary by Toledo's citizens as well as ‘YOUTUBE' style video testimony. Not only will citizens be able to weigh in on legislation, our professional politicians will be able to analyze and respond to the commentary as well. Imagine how better and more responsive our city will function when dialogue increases.
Council Web casts; The Moody Administration will work tirelessly to see that City Council meetings are moved to evening hours and that all council meetings are broadcast live over the internet. This will help insure that the opportunity for the greatest amount of community participation can occur.
Easy Share Technology. Now interested parties will be able to share, with the touch of a button, legislative initiatives, budgetary proposals, voting records and more. This process will again help inform a greater number of Toledoans the actions and activities of its City Government.
Protect against pay to play. Votes and legislation should be as independent as possible from donors of political campaigns. This feature will allow the public to compare the proposed legislation and voting of our political leaders with their donors and supporters with the touch of a single button. The more open the process...the less likely of influence peddling.

Contract Winners

Too often I have heard about inside dealing and rigged contracts regarding the Toledo bidding process. Additionally, I believe that Toledoans need to have easy access to review how their money is being spent on special projects. That is why, within the first 100 days of a Moody Administration, we will take all the steps necessary to insure that all winning contracts awarded for projects using city funds are posted on Toledo's website for all to see.

A more open and transparent government will again help insure a less corrupt process, a more responsive citizenry and a more accountable administration.

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When is Moody going to be transparent about his actual address?

but there is no way i'm voting for a carpet bagger, even if some of his ideas are excellent.

Moody vs Carty I will go with the Stinkmeister once again. At least we know where Carty stands on the issues AND Carty DOES live in Toledo and is proud of it.

Missed what I posted: I STILL do NOT like Finkbeiner but he is the one who is best equipped to be mayor of Toledo during this economic crisis. Billy you are a simpleton.

Well that figures.

It's because of that very same kind of non-thinking that gave us Finkbeiner in the first place, i.e. "it's better to have the devil you know, than the devil you don't know."

Of course "we know where Carty stands on the issues", but that's not the question. The question is or at least should be, does the mayor love Toledo? Yes, but his actions demonstrate he either hates some of its citizens or all of humanity in general.

Talk is cheap. It's easy for the mayor to say he "loves Toledo" because a hunk of real estate regardless of its monetary value, cannot respond with logic and rationality to the mayor's illogic and irrational behavior.

It's one thing to know where the mayor stands on the issues, but it''s quite another thing to know where he stands on the issues, which prove to be mostly wrong, or bad for Toledo or any free society in general, and voting for him without regards to the "clear and present danger" he is to himself, his dog, his family, and all Toledoans.


I will never understand the weight some people place on the residency requirement. The doctor that keeps you alive goes home to the burbs at the end of the day and you keep going back to him anyway, but you'd rather have the egotistical embarrassment that runs the town into the ground remain within city limits.
Ever notice where all of the former Toledo mayors live? They have to leave town to get a job.

Or do you want to see Carty become Mayor of Sylvania?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


no one wants "the egotistical embarrasment" AKA carty anymore. we just want a toledoan running toledo.

Toledo mayors for the last umpteen have been useless sacks of shit who are unable to get REAL jobs. That's why they leave town. Look at Detroit's Kilpatrick. He had to flee to Texas.

From the article: Additionally, I believe that Toledoans need to have easy access to review how their money is being spent on special projects.

Why? There's nothing that can be done about it, which is just the way politicos like it.

I'm for Mike Bell. The rest of the pack are just the usual selection of blow hard gasbags.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Those who have issues with residency -

Did you raise the same questions when Jack Ford was vying for the board of education seat? At the time his daughter was attending Bowling Green public schools, which I believe, has residency requirements for attendance as well...

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