Flights so cheap, nobody wants them!

Wow.... Just poking around the JetAmerica Website, and it appears that the demand for cheap seats has been grossly overstated.

I've been watching the fares on the new service offered by JetAmerica. When the new flights were announced, the $9 fares became scare after about a week. Not nearly as fast as I expected, since there were only "9 to 19 seats" available at that fare.

But interestingly, the $9 fare fares have returned. Even on the first flight, which generally is filled up with local politicians and media.

In the first month of Toledo-Newark service, there are only 5 days that DO NOT have $9 fares still available. 7/17, 7/24, 7/31, 8/7, and 8/9 are all at $29. Every other flight still has $9 seats available. With the promise of only 9 to 19 seats sold at $9..... yikes.....

The Toledo-Newark service is subsidized by a $400,000 federal air service grant. JetAmerica has said that they need an average fare of $71, plus another $20 in fees, to make this work. Dumping seats at $9 each means the grant will be gone soon, and so will JetAmerica. The Port Authority is dumping $200,000 into this mess to handle the airplanes here, and another $300,000 for "media".

It appears the demand for flights to NYC has been grossly overstated by the marketing gurus at Toledo Express. All I can say is, if you insist on buying a cheap ticket, use a credit card! The Port Authority needs to run from this mess!

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