Reason 914 why Jon Stainbrook is the worst party chair ever

One wonders how Jon is getting by, which is why he is desperate to get a paying job. This must be why he is taking this completely screw ball argument that the appointment of Kriner to the election boards was not legal. Hey Jon, it is the way it is done all along. If you had a problem, why are you making an issue of it now? Oh that is right, he needs to make a living.

Jon's days are numbered. If he would quit this navel gazing and fighting with every Republican in the county, maybe he would have more support. Given that he has no clue on how to actually run the Republican party only argue and make people's lives much more difficult, other people have simply moved on, waiting until next year when this chapter is finally put to sleep. It will be absolutely funny if Jon fields no candidates, gets one dropped off of the ballot because of his incompetencies, and cannot even organize a simple dinner. But he seems to be very efficient at alleging radio stations field candidates, suing, calling people and making their lives miserable, and being ignored by everyone who matters. All while suing the board of elections over something that happened a year ago, going after every Republican in the county who actually means something, then wonders why no one will respect him. Look in the mirror Jon.

On a side note, last week, it became quite apparent Jon's status with the state party when Jon had to come up with an excuse not to be at the Greater Toledo Republican Club and listen to Kevin Dewine. Comments made at the meeting made it quite clear what Jon's status is which is why Jon, if he does not resign, will not be the chair next year.

But stuff like going after Kriner only makes it much more apparent how he is the worst Republican chair in the State of Ohio and possibly is the biggest clown in Northwest Ohio excluding Opal Covey, but in Opal's defense she truly would like to make the area better. But actually the Republican Party needs this, to actually wake up so it is unavoidable. But make no mistake, the people who actually want to get things done have moved on and are helping out all the while Jon throws sand in the sandbox.

Read more about this in the Blade article:

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Unless he's doing EXACTLY what his master John Robinson Block is directing him to do...

We need to take back our party. Jon is an idiot.


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