Councilman Tom Waniewski's June 2009 Newsletter

Electric Transmission Rates

Toledo City Council recently gave the go-ahead to solicit bids for electric supply costs. Toledo is part of the Northwest Ohio Aggregation Coalition. When NOAC gets lowest bids on electricity, the city would offer those savings to you if you have First Energy service now. If you would like to stay with First Energy, you must send back a postcard you'll receive saying you want to "opt out" of the city's aggregate program. I urge you to compare costs and services. Then keep in mind if you want to stay with First Energy (or what I still call Toledo Edison), then send your card back.

Updates: FEMA ... Flooding
Please note that my regional FEMA meeting will take place now on June 18th at 6 p.m. at the Sanger Branch Library on West Central Ave. If you want to see if your area is in the revamped flood plain, please click here. Then I invite you to come to the meeting with local and federal officials to get answers to your questions.

Additionally, I have been meeting with regional officials to try to tackle flooding in the area. The group is lead by Councilman George Sarantou. Councilwoman Lindsay Webb has also attended the two meetings we've had so far, and she is providing good input for her district. Representatives from Toledo, Lucas County, TMACOG, Congresswoman Kaptur's office, and Monroe County have been at the table. At the last meeting, the Army Corps of Engineers was represented. He came all the way from Buffalo.

There has been a lot of information exchanged but, in a nutshell, the conclusion is that;
1) it will take regional cooperation,
2) it will take money,
3) it will take patience.

The group has talked about commissioning a study on what steps to take first. I'm not a big fan of studies, but that's how they're approaching it in Findlay, and all indications are that it has been a good step toward getting answers that hopefully can remedy (or at least reduce) flooding.

Nuisance Problems
Next to concerns about garbage and our public safety forces, the greatest number of emails generated to my office is for nuisance complaints. I am happy to help with your legitimate complaints. I say "legitimate" because I am sometimes amazed that neighbors aren't more neighborly with each other. Nonetheless, the city has a web site form that you can submit to our Neighborhoods Department. Just click here to get to the form and submit your complaint.

Can I help you?
As always, my office is ready to assist you should you have a question or concern. Call 419-245-1050. Email works best: tom.waniewski at If you would like me to speak at your organization's meetings to answer questions about your city and your tax money, please drop me a line.

H-1 N-1

The Swine Flu is now referred to as, H-1 N-1 so as not to offend people or businesses. I know, don't ask! I recently held a committee meeting to get an update from the health community on the status of H-1 N-1. I was very impressed with the level of expertise and organization among the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department and all the health institutions. Did you know:
- 33 hospitals in 18 counties in the region plan togethr on a regular basis in the event of a pandemic;
- A pandemic flu plan with procedural "triggers" has been worked on for five years;
- 30,000 people die from what we would call "regular" influenza each year;
- The Health Department is already taking precautions for the fall.

You can find out much more information on ProMedica's web site by clicking here:

Police Athletic League

The Toledo Police Athletic League is expecting to sign up about 1,000 youth this year. With summer upon us, kids have the opportunity to take part in sports and recreational programs and other educational programs including science exploration, tutoring, and various field trips.

Thanks Westgate Neighbors
For the third straight spring, I've had the opportunity to partner with the Westgate Neighbors to plant flowers in the long, concrete strip on West Central Avenue near Middlesex in front of the Sanger Branch Library. It took six of us about an hour and a half to get all the flowers planted. The neighbors and I maintain the flower bed all summer. The next time you drive by, take note.

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