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Why can I not find George Kennedy in either the Ohio or the Michigan sex offender sites? I'm just curious if this man is a child pedifiler or did something stupid in his younger years and has that label for life because of it.
Was he from another state?

Or maybe I just need to learn to use the sites more efficiently.

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observation Dottie. I believe he should be in the MI list.


"The latest person of interest is Roy Lee Smith, 48, who was released from prison last year after serving 15 years for multiple criminal sexual misconduct convictions, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections Web site. Other convictions include mulitple counts of larceny."

Kennedy, 39, also is in Monroe County Jail on allegations that he violated his parole by his contact with Nevaeh and her family. In March 2002, Kennedy was convicted of home invasion and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for raping a teen in 1998 behind a gas station at I-75 and Newport Road in northwest Monroe County.

I was amazed when I heard on the news that both sex offenders were friends of the girls mother.
Could she have NOT known? If she did know, what kind of idiot is she? Or maybe mom has something to do with the girls disappearance.

On the news last night a reporter asked if the mother was a "person of interest", and after a very long pause he replied, "no comment".

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

is very strange. Yes, why would you put your children in this type of a situation and befriend such bad people.

If it turns out that one of these sex offenders is involved in any way with Neveah's disappearance and any harm that may have come to her, then I say charge mom as an accessory. If I were a prosecutor, I would try to set precedent with a case like this. It's like leaving your kid on a railroad track or leaving antifreeze out in a Kool-Aid jug ....or maybe it is like leaving the kid in a room with a pitbull. She'd be charged with neglirgent homicide in any of those cases...(and the pitbull would be put down).

I do not believe that any single mother has any business dating anyone until she has done her primary job of raising those children. Yeah, yeah, the Brady Bunch would never have been possible...
Think of all the lives that would be saved--look at all the cases child abuse and murder committed by the "boyfriend."

There's nothing wrong with you Dottie, he was listed and now that listing is no longer on line which is strange.

Dottie if you again search now you'll find Kennedy is listed, when they arrested him they changed him to "incarcerated" so if you don't use the default option which is "All offenders excluding those incarcerated" but instead pick "All offenders" from the dropdown box, he is now listed in that category.

We don't remember days only moments...

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