Failure of the Toledo area Media

I was born and raised in Toledo. I decided to do something worth while once I graduated College. I thought it would be important to save our veterans history in the area. Now 50 interviews later I feel we are beginning to turn out a good product of education for future generations.

We interviewed 18 veterans at West Park Place senior living center in Toledo, and had a large presentation with a video to show the veterans and their families. We figured Memorial Day weekend would be a wonderful time to honor our veterans, and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
We had VFW Post 5530 on hand, and the Catholic War Veterans Director of the state of Ohio there to give a speech. Even John Amato the founder of Jup Mode ( Tressel Vest T-shirts) was on hand to honor our vets.

Being sons of Toledo we thought our media would love to share these stories leading up to Memorial Day. Each of their stories give perfect examples of the men and women who died for this country and our freedom. It adds a personal feeling not found in a 21 gun salute or parade (sad the downtown parade is on Saturday not Monday).
For 60 years the Veterans marched down Lagrange street, but 2 years ago they decided not too. Why march when the meaning of Veterans Day and Memorial Day are often forgotten today.

We had calls from the media, but no one showed up. I was listening to Fred on WSPD Friday morning and a gentlemen called in asking we do not forget our veterans.
Fred agreed, and mention they had Honor Flight on earlier in the program. Well we all love Honor Flight, we even set up a display at an event they had. Now that is wonderful, but who is going to remember their story? That is where we come in.

It just seems like the same song and dance, and no one truly cares anymore. It is another day to honor our Vets, just not enough to really care and listen to what they have to say.... so we might actually learn something from them.

The Toledo Free Press did an article on us a few months ago... which was wonderful, and they were very nice.

Memorial Day weekend we had to travel to Michigan to have the media care.
My problem is simple... we forget and take everything for granted. Some feedback would be nice. But I doubt anyone will respond.

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The blade had a gentleman holding his father's uniform as an article.
That is great..those things should stay in the family. But why not write an article about veterans still here. The Plain dealer dedicates a section every Sunday to one veterans story. The Blade couldn't manage it for one day. I mean we just interviewed a man who watched the wounded lay on the deck of a burning aircraft carrier during ww2. Survivors guilt is much more powerful of a Memorial Day story then a little history and a uniform.

I think you're doing a wonderful thing, keep up the great work.

I only wish I would have talked to my own father about his experiences in WWII & Korea before he passed.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I can only speak for myself, but each month or so we have Jim Tichy on to speak about HonorFlight and the terrific job they do. It would seem my only failure is to give you attention for your project.
My website has numerous links for both past and present service members and thier families, along with links the public can use to contact and support our men and women in the military.
I didn't see your presentation so I have no idea if it was what we call broadcast quality, and I can't speak for the TV people but we all have standards for items that go on air.
Good luck next year, but try not to lump "media" all in one group, it's like saying all "bloggers" are narcissistic egomaniacs and only want to share thier opinions so people will think they matter.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

I completely understand. I apoligise for being broad. I listen to WSPD as often as i can. I think what you, brian wilison and others are doing is wonderful. I clearly supporrt everything you guys are doing. I just used that as an example.

I also love what Honor Flight is doing and respect Jim Tichy very much. My issue is that people seem like they don't care to educate themselves. Honoring our vets is very important, but I would think learning from them is just as important.

I am not trying to burn bridges. I just know others who have done things in the past have also been ignored.
I just felt bad for the vets.

Anyhow keep up the good work, because Toledo needs you guys. Since it is Carty's birthday he may go plant some more flowers.... or mow some more grass.
So my apolgises.. you can see everything at, I also post a bunch on facebook.
I thought you would like this one I sent you on face book... but figured no one watched it.

Jeepmaker- Thanks for the support.
Fred- "Good luck next year, but try not to lump "media" all in one group"
That is what I am saying.... we do this everyday. Our veterans are dieing everyday, if you watch the "lest we forget" video on you'll get the idea. 1,200 vets die a day.

I also think you're doing a wonderful thing, and took the time to go get the TFP after I'd read about your article on line, clip it, and send it off in the mail to the American legion post that my dad belonged to when he was alive, suggesting that maybe some of their members might want to write to you all.

I also work with a man who's nearing retirement age - for the second time, after retiring the first time after 27 years in the marine corps. He pulled three tours in viet nam and I know for a fact, he's got some great stories, so I also emailed him your site and suggested he call you. He's holding out for one of your staffers to contact HIM for a story. He wants one with big hooters (sorry, but that's what the man said!)

Great video. R.I.P. Mr Johnson.

One thing he said should be carved in stone somewhere.
"We used to have statesmen, now we have politicians".

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I, too, think what you are doing is great and commend you for taking the time and making this happen.

I am surprised that none of Toledo's TV stations pursued this story--it is great human interest, local, and ties perfectly into Memorial would have been an EASY story for any of them.

A few years back there was a national drive to document the stories of WWI vets...locally, English prof Tom Barden, at UT, worked on the effort. He also keeps a Folklore "archive" that may have some other veteran stories in it. You might want to contact him--he may want to add your work to his Toledo archive.

Thank you very much for understanding. We actually work with the University of Toledo, well the Canaday Center.
They had a gentleman there named Bud Fisher, who interviewed nearly 500 veterans. The only problem is, it is only on tape recorder. Thus, no pictures, documents, or material evidence to go along with the interview. Thats why we are trying ot make something more interactive.... adding whatever a veteran may have to the video interview. Then it is all in one place.
Basically we have taken over where he left off. We send all our interviews to the Canaday center, they save a copy for themselves, send one to the veterans history project ( we fill the paperwork out before the interview) and on occasion they send a copy to the veteran if we can't hand deliver it.

Barbra.... can't think of her last name is the head archivist there.

We had wtol call and they said they wanted to do a story on us. We told them we were busy, but if they came out for our veterans day event a a week away it would be best. That was the end of that, they never showed, or called.

We just want people to know we exist. If not for family history, military history, public history or oral history. Each veteran gets a free copy.

We have had two veterans die on our lists of interviews. That is why we are trying to get the word out. Instead of a last minute scramble to save history... we are trying to get a head start and carry over to Korea,Vietnam, Cold War, Gulf war, and current veterans.

I mistakenly quit my job at Estes express Lines in Toledo to attend a grad school program near Cleveland.... thankfully a few families have given donations.. so we can buy dvds, and supplies. Because I used up my savings getting this operation underway.

Thanks for the support, and keep checking out the website... I have 15 interviews I am currently working on posting... plus 5 to 10 more waiting for me in Toledo.


I hope you've had time to read or document the life of Marine MGySgt Lou Diamond a WWII hero.

I had never heard his story and read it one day. The big shock came at the end of the article I read where it said he was from Toledo.

I had lived in the same town as him, had a family member who knew him, and worked in a building named for him. His story is impressive but unfortunately most people will only know him for being the man the actor Lou Diamond Phillips was named after.


I would like to thank Fred and WSPD.

Our co-founder Rick received an e-mail about having us on the morning show sometime near the 4th of July.

I just wanted everyone to know... because I am very appreciative of the offer.

We at are always looking for veterans to interview in NorthWest Ohio/ SouthEast Michigan with a special emphasis on WW2 Vets. We are losing them at a rate of over 1500 a day and their stories are lost forever. Please feel free to pass along our information to any veterans or Veteran Organizations. We feel very passionate about preserving the first hand accounts of history changing events as viewed by these men and women.

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