Downtown Toledo Flowers

According to an article in the Toledo Blade, flowers will once more be planted in the city reguardless of publlic opinion. The amount to be spent on the flowers is approximately $23,000. Although Mr. Garvin, commissioner of parks and forestry, had recommended spending only half that amount on flowers, the city has ordered the $23.000 worth of annuals from seven nurseries in Toledo.
Carty hopes to collect at least $20,000 in donations and stated that there was close to a thousand now, and the rest would come from the 40% annual pay cut, which he paid back to the city. Furthermore, the mayor pointed out that Chicago spends a million dollars on flowers for their city, and that Toledo was an "all American city."
According to the city charter, the mayor's salary can not be cut, so he can donate money to whatever services that he chooses, and does not have to be placed in the general fund. Monies collected from other employees will go into the general fund.

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perennials would make a LOT more sense in this economy, if the city wont give up on planting

Will they be purchased in Toledo, Spain?

Is Mr. Garvin a weak commissioner? Lapdog? Puppet? Gofer? Yesboy? Or does he belong to Bozo R. Me.

I think we should impose special/extra/stupid/insane...taxes/fees for home fire victims in the city.....

How is that for "rational" thinking?


That addled brained czarty (or is it Ferdinand?) with the flowers again...

Probably going to lay down in one of one of the larger flower beds and snort some blossoms. . .

And they keep harping on "revenue enhancement" when the correct answer is to cut spending, starting with Government Center...

Hooda Thunkit

Isn't  that what you do for the dearly departed?

And make sure you replace the lights on the Anthony Wayne Bridge.  The last taxpayer out of town will need some lights to turn off.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Well, at least we aren't getting any more of those stupid looking plastic frogs or toads all over the downtown area.

And here's a post:

from Toledo talk about another $25,000 being spent on fireworks - literally up in smoke in what? A half hour?

So here's almost $50 grand we've ID'd just today that could be saved if the current regime pulled their head out of their ass and acted like we've got a financial crisis on our hands.

I wonder how much could be dug up if someone actually went out looking for it?

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