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If you don't like the way he runs things, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from creating your own site.

You can easily find out jr's real name with a few Google searches, and the idea that he "hides behind" ToledoTalk is erroneous. He occasionally deletes comments that cross the boundaries of good taste, though I find this is quite rare.

I find jr to be fair and quite tolerant of widely divergent views, but when people go into personal attacks or engage in particularly obscene/tasteless discussions, he will pull the plug accordingly.

Ultimately it is jr's site, he pays for the domain name and server, and he runs it as he sees fit.

IS jr's sandbox, so if you don't play nice with others, you should expect to find the gate locked sometimes.

If it were me, I'd take my shovel and pail and leave.

Why don't you?

Jr's sandbox, jr's rules.

It's really that simple.

Hooda Thunkit

that you begged to have your original account deactivated then came and registered under another name then played yourself as somebody else.

and you bitch about Maggie and her ethics?

so much for reading labels sober...

I like the fact someone is using my last name ( Wulf) on that link you posted. Just what I need people crying and pointing fingers using my last name.

Too funny - thanks for the link, Brian.

my esteemed historian.



is very patient if you follow the rules. I think there may be more to this story.

I never found JR to be unfair or repressive. Go open your own site if your find ToledoTalk is not to your liking.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

What would it matter such that you'd need to know Jr's real name, Sarge? What would you do with it?

Or do you prefer Harley?

You got kicked off the site because you're a troll, and now you're whining about it here?

If any readers out there want a laugh, go out to TT and look up some of "Harley"'s past postings.

Hitler burnt bibles and other books-anything that did not follow the doctrine of being the perfect Aryan. Toledo Talk is very similar to a Nazi propaganda organ. You either do as jr says and express opinions he does not disagree with or he will kick you off HIS site. That is either Nazi-like or just downright childish. Either way it still amounts to censorship.

This should be the end of this thread.

Jr is allowed to censor HIS OWN SITE. It's private although publicly exposed.

True, you can complain about that on any venue that allows you. But overall you have no power over Jr and that's how it should be.

You are trying to say my comparison of jr to Hitler should automatically end this discussion. I beg to differ. jr is the OWNER of a website which is supposedly set up to encourage debate, not stifle it. Whenever he deletes posts from HIS site that he does personally agree with, which contained NO profanity, he is practicing CENSORSHIP. Perhaps the best comparison I could have made is jr is not unlike a little child who has a toy all the other children would like to play with but they have to play HIS way or he will take his toy and run home with it and say; "MINE!" That seems to be the way Toledo Talk is operated-in a most juvenile manner. Toledo Talk is a very useless forum that is run by a very juvenile person. In other words it is time for jr to GROW UP!

This is what you need to admit is true:

It IS censorship, and he CAN do it on his site.

Just like you can come over here and complain about it.

Get real. He owns and operates the site and allows those of us who play by the rules to join in conversing, even spirited discussion. Have you read the rules / posting guidelines Sarge?

Big Jim

Is "shape up or ship out" appropriate in this matter?


Damn Harley!

Doesnt appear you're gonna get the soft shoulder and warm hug you were looking for!

Word is not the point. The point is why does jr hide,duck and dodge? Is he nothing but a lily-livered,yellow-backed sissy? That's what I am beginning to think.

Well, you're free to think that, and you're free to say all that. But it just doesn't matter, given that Jr is acting in his full rights and clearly isn't going to change based upon your assessment.

Does not change. Once acoward always a coward. jr probably hid behind his mother's skirt when he was a kid like he hides behind Toledo Talk now.

The point is that he isn't going to change that. WHY he won't, is simply immaterial.

In an associated way, there must be a WHY for your continued harping on this topic, but again, it is immaterial.

It's his site which he has put his Blood, Sweat and Tears into. Pays for it out of his pocket (there are no ads). He can do anything he wants. It's his toy and if he don't want to share he doesn't have to. It is a private forum so censorship is not an issue.

Why don't you start your own site and then you can delete any comments jr may make to it.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

bothered with Toledo Talk in the first place if not for a busybody from my neighborhood who posts on there. In doing research as to exactly who this nosy individual is it led me to Toledo Talk. This person I decline to name as yet because so far they have not commented on this issue. But they did post a few things about me on another site last year which ticked me off due to the fallacy of his remarks. Toledo Talk does not interest me other than for the fact I like to keep up with what the backstabbing gossips are up to.

"Toledo Talk does not interest me other than for the fact I like to keep up with what the backstabbing gossips are up to."

You might want to carefully think over what that statement really implies, Sarge. ToledoTalk sounds like it's just not your site to be on.

No such thing as "freespeech" on someone elses property dont like it...hit the road and set up your own blog with your own hosting....

When you are a guest...dont be surprised when you are shown the door for wiping your ass on the couch..

and yes...Godwins law applies....

When you resort to calling an opponent in an argument a have lost the argument.

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Sarge, your way off base and more than a little disingenuous. jr's disagreed with me on more than one occaision on Toledo Talk. I'm still posting there as holland. The disagreements were polite, factual and well founded. I don't always enjoy the level of discourse that sometimes occurrs, but heck, getting a dose of gritty reality can be good for an old woman so I stick around.

Jeez, grow up. Is getting the last word on a blog that big of a deal?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

a useless forum. It is like a kindergarten class.

"a useless forum. It is like a kindergarten class."

Then why did you start this?


"a useless forum. It is like a kindergarten class."

Then why did you start this?

...and continue posting out there after they pointed out time and again where you contradicted yourself - to the point where some people asked if it were two people posting under the same name?

Are still a moron. I posted under sarge first. I had that account deactivated. Then I posted under Harley. Who knows what name I will use next time? But anyway you are still a MORON.


Harley, how 'bout I start copy/pasting your posts straight off TT? No change, just copy and paste you in your own words?

Like from the THREE times you posted about how Opal Covey is the answer Toledo needs?

You idiot.

"Like from the THREE times you posted about how Opal Covey is the answer Toledo needs?"

Surely, you can't be serious.


And just for shits and grins, here's one where he said The Cherry Street Mission is an evil entity:

And his latest idea of putting in a red light district in Toledo:

Just so's you know who you're dealing with. He's a troll, and an idiotic one at that.

Thanks, Billy. I'd forgotten most of this - okay, all of this. That whole business about the Cherry Street Mission was so far over the top it landed in California's left field.

The man's a lunatic.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

That's an unfounded assertion. People obviously find the site to be useful. Here, let me correct your statement for you:

"Toledo Talk is a forum that is useless to me."

useless to everyone. Just as worthless as its administrator jr. Is GuestZero an alias for the lily-livered coward?

as a member of since Mar 31, 2005 and seeing I am using my name and not some testosterone-laced monniker, I can assure you your perspective of what Toledo Talk is to you differs greatly than what it means to me.

But then again, I haven't yet tried to shove a delusional, feeble-minded mayoral candidate down your throat.

I suggest you just focus your attentions on things you can control and let go of things you can't.

is your real name? Huh, you sure had me fooled. I thought maybe you were some kind of postcard company in Florida. BrianInVeroFL, is that on your birth certificate? Harley is on mine. Twice.

It appears you love to kick a dead horse. Maybe if you made a case, nicely defended yourself people may believe you have an issue. But saying the same thing over then criticizing someone who presents another point, well that only weakens your argument and maybe people are beginning to see why you were kicked off of Toledo Talk.

This is my final post on this subject. The only reason I can see that I was thrown off Toledo Talk is because I posted comments on there about the NRA jr did not agree with. Back in the 90's I was a member of the NRA until I read their monthly magazine American Rifleman long enough to realize I had joined a group with which I did not agree at all. They endlessly promoted candidates for office that did not agree with my views on economics, social justice and many other issues. I did and do agree with them on the right to keep and bear arms. But that is not the only issue this country must confront. There are too many other issues that the NRA overlooks when endorsing political candidates. That is what is wrong with this country today. Too many people get fired up over narrow issues when there is a far larger picture to look at. My beef with jr and Toledo Talk is not only about the NRA, but that must be jr's main beef with me. We as Americans need to quit being divided by these issues such as guns and religion and come together to try to solve ALL the issues which are confronting this nation before it is too late. GM, Chrysler and so many other problems exist that need to be dealt with by one people and not a divided people. The NRA and too many other conservative and liberal causes need to all be looked at in a cool clear way and all the bickering stop. END OF STORY.

Sheesh...still beating a dead horse eh...

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Nothing needs to be said. Harley's own words speak for themselves:

Harley said : "All we need is ore guns getting ou into the streets. Isn't there enough killing already?"

Harley's profile says : "I support the right to keep and bear arms. Every citizen has the right to protect himself and his/her home and loved ones."

posted by jr on May 26, 2009 at 02:54:54 pm #

And in closing - Sarge, you're STILL a moron!! A bi-polar one!


Having said the truth:

"People obviously find [ToledoTalk] to be useful."

... then it remains obvious that your statement:

"Toledo Talk Is useless to everyone."

... is utterly false.

I'm concerned about TRUTH here, not fluff like name-calling.

So for the record, a name like "GuestZero" is an alias for "TruthSeeker".


Well, nice to hear from you. For a while there I thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

No, Maddie. I just killed something I loved, so being dropped off the face of the Earth would be merciful at this point.

Anyway, I hear via Kate your status is changing. Keep in contact with her and you can get my new phone numbers. My personal situation has changed dramatically and you'll find out all about it when we re-connect.

Thank you Billy, for enlightening me on the background of Sarge.

This guy is obviously insane. Just saying Oval Covey "has common sense" was enough for me to not take him seriously.

What's scary is there is a significant portion of the Toledo population who believe the same if not similar stuff.


"Billy" and "MikeyA" prove my point: Toledo Talk is a juvenile, kindergarten-like forum. With childish names like that they cannot debate what I am saying. Grow up you two and get ADULT names. Little Boys.

you whiny douchebag,

jesus christ....start your own fucking site so this mindless drivel can stop!

Opal will thank you later, after she wins the election.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See? This is why I don't think jr shouldda booted him! He's friggin hilarious!!

You say I cannot debate with you when what I posted was YOUR OWN WORDS!!!

So "Sarge"... Lemme get this straight, you dont like my real name and think it'd be better if I used a tough-guy made up one like yours???

Hmmm... Lets see... Beetle wouldnt work, but maybe I could use LT Fuzz or General Halftrack?

They're both made up military names too, and they'd be appropriate - They are, after all, Sarge's superiors! I'll leave the "harley" one to the trailer park.

You moron.

Juvenile name for a juvenile mind. As far as Harley goes that was my father's name and is MY middle name, Not that it is any of your business. I think Lt. Fuzz would be an appropriate name for you as you seem to fit right into the stereotype of a Lt. Fuzz-type character. Or, better yet, why not try Barney Fife? I think that would be far better. But I guess you will stick with "Billy" because like they say: simple things for simple minds.


I'm juvenile because I made a judgement about him off of what he said...oh and I have a "Little Boys" name. LOL

You're right Billy this guy is hilarious.

Move over David Ben-Ariel we have a new loon.


I totally 100% agree with your post """""""""""""""We as Americans need to quit being divided by these issues such as guns and religion and come together to try to solve ALL the issues which are confronting this nation before it is too late. GM, Chrysler and so many other problems exist that need to be dealt with by one people and not a divided people.""""""""""""""""

who should make concessions on their beliefs? The people who agree with the Constitution that it is their right to bear arms and practice their religion as they are entitled to, or those who are offended by the Constitution, the Capitalistic Society it represents and the Christian values it was founded on and who are in favor of a more Socialist Society where the Government has control over every aspect of our inaliable rights?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Yes, KK, that's part of the big problem. You just can't find a common ground with people who live in denial, deny the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution in the land, and other such things which indicate a clear case of mental illness.

We can't unite about things like guns and religion since the people who want to interfere in your life are RELENTLESS. They smell victory at the tail end of a coming, violent era.

The nation needs to Balkanize before we can finally achieve the state of grace that Purnhrt alludes to. The great beast in Washington DC needs to be obliterated, since it is NOTHING like the federal government that was designed during the founding of the nation.

Purnhrt and others need to STOP looking to the government for ANY solutions whatsoever. The big problem IS the government. The federal government alone via the budget metric grew 1000 times in size in over 60 years. That's an 11% growth rate EACH year, for over 60 years in a row. With incomes and inflation only keeping a 3% rate for such a long period, obviously this federal government will destroy us purely on its growth rate alone. The proof of our peril is MATHEMATICAL, not philosophical.

And this cancer-esque status of government in these United States is epidemic. It's happening at ALL levels. So Toledo needs LESS government.

People need to recognize that truth first. Uniting behind a cancer is simply suicidal.

sometimes I feel like I am speaking a foreign language.
1.I did not allude to a state of grace, I simply agreed with Sarge.
2. Nowhere no how have you ever seen me write, say or allude to the fact that I think the government is the answer to anything. I have emphatically stated that I have never been on welfare, received foodstamps, never been in public housingn nor in Section 8 housing, have not accepted any subsidies, never filed bankruptsy, homeschool my children, do not feel we need more police or more government so I don't know where you are getting these delusions from.
3.I do believe that we need to unite as Americans to make this country operate as the so called founding fathers wished. Or we can be red states and blue states and participate in a civil war drawn along any of the many lines of dissention surrounding race, gay rights, abortion, guns and religion. Take your pick.

Purnhrt, you wouldn't know a state of grace if one came up and kicked you in the shins. You don't believe for a second everyone should unite, either. Your delivery of your own half baked ideas is inflammatory enough to start fights at every single church service in town, to say nothing of the ideas themselves.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

OK, that's apt. I made an error and got rightfully smacked for it. So allow me to concentrate on the direction I took my rant in:

Purnhrt, you need to stop dealing with social issues and distractions like race and incomes, and deal instead with the ONLY issue that exists in all practical terms: The growth of government. While we argue here, the federal government is going to get 11% more next year than last year. One year, that increased demand will spark the Civil War II regardless of which social issue you succeed in tackling until then.

In even shorter terms: We need to merely unite behind FISCAL CONSERVATISM. Not guns. Not race. Not welfare. Not marriage rights. Not any other issue.

In Toledo, the growth of government has been checked, but we're STILL going to pay for it with catastrophes, as the growth in direct services is what's being cut, while the core of waste and elitism and corruption remains.

you showed me your hand. Thanks, now I know not to engage you in any conversation on SB.
Kick me in my shins the next time I address you on this site.

How are you able to tell me what I should or should not be doing? If I find social issues something that I want to work on how does that affect you? I would never presume to tell you what issues to deal with or not deal with.

It would have been more palatable to me if you stated something like, "Purnhrt, the growth of government is something that you could work on to reap the benefits of a society that the founding fathers fought and died for."Your heavy handed method of telling me what to do think etc. is something I ain't on. That is what my brain is for, to discern the legitimacy of issues.

I've already told you that your attention to social issues is doomed. Your government's growth rate will destroy whatever goals you had in mind. No social policy you set can survive your government growing constantly at 8% per year more than the economy.

I'm telling you, since if you really want to unite (per your observation), then THAT is what we should be uniting about. I'll join hands with you to reduce the powers unwisely given to government. That's why you saw me become interested in that travesty called the Toledo Public Schools. My ultimate solution to the TPS is to have it disbanded and privatized ... radical though that might seen. DOWNSIZING is the only useful tool for addressing the government now.

Since the facts of my observations are so serious, you can call them heavy-handed or not. The seriousness of the matter outweighs your umbrage by an enormous margin. We're about 1 year into the Great Depression II, and it's going to run at least 12 to 17 years. It will eradicate much of what I only laughingly call "our plans".

I made an error before, and I acknowledge it. But we're beyond that in the larger issue.

From Purnhrt: I would never presume to tell you what issues to deal with or not deal with.

That is the most outrageous, most blatant lie that has ever been written on SB in all the time I've been here. Congratulations Purnhrt. You are now in first place, and I really don't foresee anyone surpassing you in this area.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

disband TPS. I think you and I are the only two who believe that we are in year one of the Second Great Depression.
Off subject, conversing with men on this site makes me glad that I got rid of a husband 40 years ago.


Bet it took HIM about 20 of those years just to wipe the smile off his face too!!

I'm trying hard to maintain some semblance of neutrality, and you have to go and post something like this... LOL!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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