Ward Will Be Accessible Through A Citizen Crisis Hotline and a Mobile Office

Toledo, OH - In talking with Toledo residents many of them echo the same
sentiment, you rarely see those on city council in the community. When you
have a concern, it is hard to reach them.

Ward states, "Government solely exists to serve its people. The interest of
the people must be the highest priority of City Council. In an effort to
serve the citizens of Toledo, I will make myself accessible 24-hours a day
to hear the concerns of our citizens, and work for them to address and solve
the problems that often require immediate action."

When elected to City Council, Stephen Ward will establish a 24/7 Citizens
Crisis Hotline, which will allow the citizens to reach him directly in an
event of an emergency. Ward asserts, "Should there be a concern or an
emergency at one in the morning, two in the morning, three in the
morning...the citizens should be able to know that they can reach out to
their elected officials."

Ward will also create a 'mobile office' by holding office hours at various
locations around Toledo. Ward states, "I will set up a table at local
supermarkets, library branches and parks that will allow me to get in touch
with citizens who cannot or do not frequent the downtown area. In addition,
I will continue to go door-to-door to talk with residents and listen to
their issues and concerns."

For Toledo to move forward the elected officials must involve the citizens
in the decision making process. Ward says, "It's time for the citizens of
Toledo to be heard. We must create a community for all people, and this
requires a Servant Leadership approach to government. No longer can
important decisions be made with too little input from the citizens who will
be affected by those decisions. The greatest leader forgets himself, and
attends to the development of others."

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